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2 Culinary Tourism Spot That Are Worth Trying in Jakarta

2 Culinary Tourism Spot That Are Worth Trying in Jakarta

JalanJalanMen! - Culinary tourism in Jakarta can be done by enjoying Jakarta's special food which certainly tempts the taste buds, such as Soto Betawi H. Husen or Ketoprak Mr. Agus Suharna.

Jakarta as the nation's capital has several interesting city attractions to visit. Even with various forms of urban problems, Jakarta still has a magnet for residents outside the area to travel in the capital city of Jakarta.

Jakarta presents the concept of life that never stops for 24 hours. Certain areas still have life going on. Jakarta is indeed filled with dozens of hotels, malls and high-rise buildings. 

Jakarta Culinary Spot That Are Worth Trying

If you are one of those who are going on vacation to Jakarta, but are bored with the concept of luxury malls, you can do a culinary tour of Jakarta in several places that serve special foods from Betawi. Where the Betawi tribe is a native of the capital city of Jakarta.

1. Soto Betawi H. Husen

You can start your first culinary tour of typical Jakarta food by tasting Soto Betawi. Soto is indeed located in various areas such as Soto Lamongan, or Soto Eldest. 

However, Soto Betawi, which you will make a culinary tour of in Jakarta, offers soto which is processed with a combination of spices and coconut milk that is savory and does not break.

The pleasure is also still combined with the tenderness of the beef. But you can also add according to taste to use empal lungs, meat or tripe. 

Besides that, what distinguishes it from other soups is that the meat that has been boiled before being served is fried first.

One of the soto Betawi that you must visit when you are on a culinary tour of Jakarta is Soto Betawi H. Husen which is located at Jalan Padang Panjang no 6 C Manggrai Jakarta. 

Soto Betawi H. Husen has been selling since 1990, so the taste and delicacy are no longer in doubt.

The specialty of Soto Betawi H. Husen lies in the interesting color of the sauce, which is thick yellow with lots of meat, fried onions and celery. 

The meat used is very tender and has a soft texture. At this Soto H. Husen stall, there are two kinds of Soto Betawi on offer.

The special Soto is priced at IDR 16,000, 00, while the mixed soto / tripe / meat is set at IDR 11,000.00. With a populist price you can already enjoy a savory and refreshing Soto Betawi.

Map and Route to Soto Betawi H. Husen

2. Ketoprak Jakarta

The next typical Jakarta culinary tasting is the Jakarta ketoprak. This traditional food is very popular with the people of the capital city, especially the descendants of the original Betawi. 

The food is a combination of tofu, long bean sprouts, cucumber, vermicelli, kupat with peanut sauce mixed with under-white, salt and chili.

The combination of these ingredients is still complete with crackers and fried onions which make it more complete. What makes ketoprak even more delicious is that the fresh vegetable ingredients make this food taste fresh.

However, if you want boiled vegetables there is also such an option. Ketoprak, which is one of the choices for culinary tourism in Jakarta, is known for its filling food and is liked by various groups of people.

You can enjoy this Jakarta culinary tour at a ketoprak stall located on Jalan Kalilio number 15 Senen, Central Jakarta. 

You can go to the ketoprak stall, Mr. Agus Suhana. This shop is located near the Purwa Bharata Puppet Building.

You can stop by this ketoprak stall during opening hours, which is open from 18.00 to 23.00 at night. 

To enjoy the freshness and taste of peanut sauce, at Mr. Agus Suhana's stall, you only need to spend as much as Rp. 8,000, 00/ portion.

It's better to enjoy this ketoprak you don't arrive too late at Mr Agus' stall. So that you don't run out of ketoprak at Mr. Agus' stall, which already has many customers. 

Of course, Jakarta's culinary tour, namely ketorak, will leave memories that tantalize the tongue.

Well, those are some locations that you can use as a reference when you visit Jakarta. The Jakarta culinary tour above promises a delicious taste even at an affordable price. 

Thus, various parties have tasted and even made the two foods their favorite foods.

Maps and Routes to the Purwa Bharata Puppet Building


For those of you who will visit Jakarta, you should already know which places will be your destination in Jakarta culinary tourism. 

Because if you go on vacation to Jakarta without tasting the typical food of the Jakarta area, it will certainly not be complete. Happy Holidays!

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