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3 Famous Museum Tours in Bandung City

JalanJalanMen! - Holidays will be wasted if spent at home alone. If you have free time on holidays, it's good to use it with useful things and of course you can entertain yourself. One of them by doing alternative tours in the city of Bandung. 

3 Famous Museum Tours in Bandung City

You can walk around the city center while enjoying the bustling holiday atmosphere. 

This alternative tour does not need to be carried out using a plan and is carried out spontaneously following the heart's desire. 

One of the fun alternative tourism activities that can be done during holidays is to take a museum tour that is carried out impromptu but still memorable.

Bandung has a variety of interesting museums and must be visited. There are three museums located in the city center and can be visited simultaneously. These three museums are perfect for visiting with children. 

The three museums are Gedung Sate Museum, Pos Indonesia Museum, and finally the Geology Museum. 

Museum Tourism Destinations in Bandung City

These three museums are located very close together so they can be visited on the same day. First of all, you can visit the Pos Indonesia museum first.

1. Indonesian Postal Museum

The Pos Indonesia Museum itself is located behind Gedung Sate. Here you can spend fun time because it is fun to see the various collections owned by the Indonesian Postal Museum. 

This museum has been established since 1933 and is now a repository for the collection of mail delivery developments in Indonesia. 

There is a large collection of stamps, printing machines, and also equipment owned by Pos Indonesia from time to time. 

Even the Indonesian Postal Museum has a collection of postal officer uniforms that have been used from colonial times to modern times. 

The Indonesian Postal Museum is here to provide various information about the development of communication in Indonesia.

2. Gedung Sate Museum

Besides that, doing this museum tour you don't need a lot of money because the entrance fee is quite affordable so you can do educational tours in peace. Then you can start visiting the Gedung Sate museum. 

This museum is still classified as a new museum in the city of Bandung. Gedung Sate Museum was established with the theme to introduce Gedung Sate as a cultural heritage building in the city of Bandung. 

The contents are related to the history of its establishment, the development process, and also its use for the West Java government. All contents of the Gedung Sate Museum are displayed with a combination of capable digital technology.

3. Geology Museum

The third museum that you can visit in this alternative tour is the Geological Museum which is located opposite Gedung Sate. 

This museum is one of the historical buildings in the city of Bandung that must be visited. Therefore, its presence always attracts tourists who are in Bandung. 

When you visit this museum, you will be greeted by various collections of ancient animal fossils, rocks, and minerals. 

All the collections contained in the Geological Museum are very useful to add insight and natural science to everyone.

The Geological Museum is also a great place to visit with children. Because in this place, visitors can learn many things related to understanding about natural disasters, the earth, how to process energy and much more. 


Those are 3 Museum Tourism Destinations that can be alternative tours in the city of Bandung that you can do with friends or family. 

A museum tour is one of the great things to do to fill your spare time on holiday in a useful way.

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