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4 Nature Tourism Destinations You Must Visit in Bandung

JalanJalanMen! - Nature tourism in Bandung is a fun thing, besides being able to enjoy the natural beauty of God's creation, it turns out that nature tourism can relieve stress. 

This tour is nature tourism in Bandung, what are the natural attractions in Bandung? 

Here's a little summary of a trip to some of Bandung's natural attractions that might add to your list of travels when you go to Bandung.

Have you ever been to Bandung? Did you know that Bandung also has some very beautiful and exciting tourist attractions? 

Bandung is a city that you should visit, because Bandung has extraordinary natural attractions, there you will be treated to the cool air and beautiful natural scenery that is still beautiful.

Nature tourism in Lembang Bandung is indeed the pride of the Bandung residents, because this is usually used as an alternative place for those of you who are bored or are tired of the noise of the city of Bandung. 

The distance is not too far from the center of Bandung, making this natural tourist attraction crowded with visitors every day, the winding journey and shady trees that accompany your trip will make your vacation more pampered and enjoyable.

Nature Tourism Places You Must Visit in Bandung

Still curious about enjoying the beauty of nature in Bandung? Here are some natural tourist destinations in the city of Bandung, namely:

1. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

This mountain, which has a very legendary story in society, is one of the natural attractions that is very suitable for you to visit, in addition to presenting an interesting view of the crater, Tangkuban Perahu mountain also presents an extraordinary view of the surroundings. 

The stunning mountain panorama makes this tourist attraction never empty of visitors. 

Uniquely, this Tangkuban Perahu Mountain at the top of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is flat like an overturned boat. 

This mountain has ten craters but three craters that are often visited are Ratu Crater, Domas Crater and Upas Crater, in Domas crater there is hot water which is often used by visitors to wash their bodies because water containing sulfur is able to cure skin diseases. 

And also often used to boil eggs for climbers and enjoy boiled eggs from the hot water of the Domas crater.

The existing craters are mountainous, such as the queen crater, upas crater, domas crater, jurig crater, rhinoceros crater, jurian crater, stealth crater, rhinoceros rocking crater.

Among the craters on Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a destination that is often visited by tourists.

2. Maribaya Waterfall Lembang

Maribaya waterfall is always crowded with tourists during holidays. Where the natural atmosphere is very beautiful and enchanting that you can enjoy in this tourist spot. 

This waterfall has the name curug maribaya which was given by local residents with a height of 25 meters because it is located in the village of maribaya so this waterfall is named curg maribaya, a natural tourist spot that is part of the Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago Pakar). 

In this place it has cold and cool air because it is at an altitude, Bandung tourists who do not visit this Lembang tourist spot will feel lacking.

Activities that can be done at this Maribaya waterfall are that you can soak in hot water, hot pools are indeed provided for visitors to soak and if there is also a hot pool for a private soak.

These hot pools are indeed provided for visitors so they can enjoy the natural beauty and freshness after soaking in this hot pool. and enjoy the beauty of the gurgling water that falls and the natural freshness of the air that makes this Lembang tourist spot a lot to visit, especially when the holidays arrive.

The entrance ticket to this Maribaya waterfall tourist spot is Rp. 8,000 and if you want to enjoy the freshness of bathing in a hot pool to enter and enjoy the hot water pool, it is around Rp. 5,500 for adults, Rp. 2,500 for children.

3. Dago Waterfall

Curug Dago is a natural waterfall park which is still located and is part of the Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago Pakar). 

This waterfall is not as high as Curug Maribaya, only about 10 meters, where this waterfall is located at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level. 

At the Grand Forest Park location, you can enjoy various other natural beauties such as the Japanese Cave, the Dutch Cave, which are relics of the colonial era.

Unfortunately, many of the Dago waterfalls have been damaged upstream, so that it has an impact on the water that flows into this waterfall.

4. Mount Patuha Ciwidey Crater

Ciwidey Crater, which is located at an altitude of 2,434 meters above sea level, is already famous in Bandung, many tourists visit this crater, because the white crater with green water makes this crater even more beautiful and charming. depending on the weather. 

This crater is located on Mount Obedi which has another crater, namely the crater of the moment. 

The crater has a cliff called the Sunan Ibu Cliff and the Sunan Rama Cliff in this white crater, with cantigi plants growing around this crater, making this crater look beautiful and enchanting.

Activities carried out in the white crater of ciwdey such as photo hunting or pre-wedding photos are very suitable because the background of the natural scenery in the ciwidey crater is indeed beautiful.

Actually there are many other tourist attractions in Bandung, because Bandung not only has natural attractions but also has culinary tours, shopping tours and much more.

This natural tourist spot in the city of Bandung is the right destination for your weekend getaway. 


That's some enjoy the beauty of nature tourism in Bandung which has a million beautiful natural scenery that provides comfort for visitors. Healthy air and still fresh will make your vacation satisfied.

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