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6 Natural Tourist Spots on Seribu Islands, Jakarta

6 Natural Tourist Spots on Seribu Islands, Jakarta

JalanJalanMen! - Many people initially thought that Jakarta did not have natural attractions. Only high-rise buildings, traffic jams due to the large number of vehicles, and crowds of people may be all that is in people's minds. 

Such thinking is wrong! Jakarta has beautiful natural attractions in the Seribu Islands. This archipelago, which is located at the northern tip of Jakarta, is a must visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of the beach, sea, and islands.  

To go to one of the islands in the Seribu Islands, you can ride from Muara Angke Pier with a cheap boat fee. If you want something more luxurious, you can cross from Marina Ancol Pier with a faster travel time. 

It was named Seribu Island because of the many islands in this area, so if you are confused about which island to go to, this article will help you. 

Natural Tourist Spots on Seribu Islands

Here are some must-visit islands in the Seribu Islands, Jakarta.

1. Harapan Island

This island gives a lot of hope to visit the beautiful small islands around it. Harapan Island is like a gateway to be able to visit Bira Island and Macan Island which are snorkeling spots with clear sea water and a wealth of underwater fauna.

The island whic has to take a long time of about 3 hours by ordinary wooden boat and about 1.5 hours by fast boat really presents beauty. 

Its remote location makes this island a fairly clean island, especially the surrounding uninhabited islands. 

The cost of traveling to this island is quite cheap, you only need to rent a resident's house and a boat for hoping island and snorkeling. 

If you want to hunt for a beautiful sunset view then you have to come to Pulau Bulat. 

You will see a very clear sunset. Touring around the island is also fun because there are some beautiful spots to take pictures. 

You can walk or rent a bicycle to get around so you will feel like an islander.

2. Tidung Island

The island that must be crossed in a long time because it is far away is Tidung Island. This beautiful island has a characteristic that it has a large bridge that connects Tidung Besar Island to Tidung Kecil Island. 

The bridge is very good for photo spots because the scenery presented is very beautiful. Not infrequently the visitors jump from the bridge into the sea to get a great sensation so that the adrenaline is tested. 

Generally, Tidung Besar Island is used to stay overnight because the island is inhabited. There are many water sports such as banana boats and jet skis that can be rented to have fun with friends or family. 

If you want to snorkel, you can do it in the sea near Tidung Besar Island. 

Similar to Harapan Island, you can get around the island on foot or rent a bicycle. 

If you want to get a different atmosphere, you should cross to Tidung Kecil Island because there are many shady trees so the atmosphere is more shady and cool.

3. Pari Island

White sand and turquoise sea water characterize the panorama on this island. The location is quite close to the pier so it doesn't take long about 1.5 hours to arrive at Pari Island. 

Cycling around the island is an activity that must be done to get an exciting atmosphere in the morning. 

Tourist objects that are proud of are Perawan Beach, Pasir Kresek Beach, and Bukit Matahari Pier. 

This island is inhabited so it is not wrong if the island is managed independently by the local community. 

If you want to snorkel then you can do it in the sea which is close to the Perawan Beach. Healthy coral reefs and colorful fish will make your snorkeling very enjoyable. 

4. Pramuka Island

The most famous and most visited island is Pramuka Island. This island is a transit point for people who want to go to nearby islands. 

The island with the most crowded inhabitants and already has complete facilities such as schools, hospitals and others makes this island crowded with residents of the surrounding islands. Although inhabited, the island is still clean and well-maintained. 

The sea water around the island is still clean and green. This island is also a place to stay for travelers because there are many houses that can be rented. 

This island is not far from Harapan Island so it will take about 2.5 to 3 hours to reach this island.

If you want to surround the 9-hectare island, you should rent a bicycle for Rp. 30,000 a day. But if you want to walk it will also be very exciting, especially with friends or family. This island can also be a spot for snorkeling, even diving. 

For beginners who want to get a diving certificate, they will usually start training or diving exams in the sea around this island. The island is also a location for hawksbill turtle breeding and mangrove tree planting to prevent beach abrasion. 

No wonder this island is the center of people's lives who live on other islands in the Seribu Islands. 

If you like hunting for sunset moments, this island must be a spot because the sunset is very clear from this island.

5. Semak Daun Island

This island is called Campground because many backpackers come to this island to camp. The island is uninhabited so there are no houses for rent. It only takes 30 minutes from Pramuka Island to reach this island. 

Although uninhabited but there are facilities that are quite good for visitors. Toilets, clean water, and food stalls are also available so that people who stay on this island will not feel deprived. 

This white sandy island is very cool to visit with friends while burning corn or sweet potatoes. 

Snorkeling can be done in the sea around this island or other islands. If you don't have a tent, you can rent it, but you should bring your own tent to make it more flexible.

6. Papatheo Island

This island is the same as Semak Daun, but this island must be reached from Harapan Island. The distance of this island is very far because it takes another 1 hour from Harapan Island. Precisely because it is far away, this island is still very clean and virgin. 

If you want to snorkel, the sea around the island is still very clean. Various fish and coral reefs will be clearly seen. 

Snorkeling is a must do around this island. The very clean white sand will make you feel at home in Papatheo Island. 

For camping, you must bring a tent and food supplies because the island is very quiet. There are no residents on this island so they have to provide all their own needs.


That's the Recommendation for Natural Tourist Spots on Seribu Islands, Jakarta that we can share. Hope it is useful.

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