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Farmhouse Lembang: European-Style Tourist Place in Bandung City

Farmhouse Lembang: European-Style Tourist Place in Bandung City

JalanJalanMen! - One of the most popular and contemporary tourist attractions in Bandung is Farmhouse Lembang, this tourist spot is a relatively new tourist spot because it has only been operating for the past few years. 

However, since the beginning, this place which is synonymous with lembang milk has been opened, there have been many tourists who are very interested in visiting, ranging from young children to families who come all the way from out of town.

Farmhouse Lembang is indeed located on the side of the main road in the Lembang area, this makes the Farmhouse very easy to reach and find. 

In addition, this tourist spot, which is rich in photo spots, is also very crowded on Instagram, making its popularity climb quickly. 

If you are interested and intend to visit Farmhouse Lembang, then try to read our full review below.

About Farmhouse Lembang

As has been said above, Farmhous is indeed one of the relatively new tours in Lembang, they only started operating in 2015, but even though it is considered a new tourist attraction, the Farmhouse has never been empty of visitors, even since it was first opened. 

The main thing that makes this place a hit is because of the intensive marketing on Instagram that they do, besides that almost all tourists who come to this place also always upload their photos on Instagram, so many people who previously did not know are interested in visiting the Farmhouse.

If some tourist attractions in Lembang always offer natural views, or a very thick natural atmosphere, then the case with Famhause is different. 

The farmhouse was built with a European-style theme, there are lots of photo spots such as small European-style houses, hobbit houses, and many others. 

The farmhouse is indeed suitable to be called a photo tour, so if you visit the farmhouse, don't forget to capture the moment with an instagramable background and upload it on your social media.

Actually the Farmhouse area is very wide, but because of the many visitors who come, it makes this tourist spot look a little cramped. 

It's a good idea to visit this tourist spot on weekdays, not on weekends or holidays, because during those moments this tourist spot will certainly be very crowded.

Interesting Things To Do At The Farmhouse

When you go on vacation to Farmhouse Lembang, there are lots of interesting things you can do, starting from just walking around enjoying the existing rides, drinking fresh Lembang milk, renting costumes, eating various culinary delights, or just taking pictures. with super instagramable spots. The following are things you can do while at Farmhouse Lembang

1. Visiting the Hobbit House

Did you know that one of the icons of the Lembang farmhouse is the hobbit house, almost everyone who comes to the farmhouse will definitely take a picture with the hobbit house in the background. 

Farmhouse is really smart by presenting a mini version of hobbit houses that they arrange in such a way, so that it looks very neat, and interesting to be used as one of the photo spots. 

In fact, so many people wanted to take photos with the Hobbit house in the background, we were forced to queue up, and take turns with other visitors.

2. Getting to Know Farmhouse Farm Animals

Spending vacation time visiting farms will sound very fun, don't worry, you can do this at Farmhouse Lembang, because this tourist spot provides a sheep farming area and also several other animals such as hedgehogs, cows, rabbits, or various birds, which you can visit . 

You can help feed these animals, interact with them or just take photos together. We guarantee that your vacation will be more memorable and anti-mainstream with the presence of these farm animals.

3. Renting European-Style Costumes

As mentioned above that the concept of Farmhouse tourism is European-style, it is not surprising that there are hobbit houses and farms in the midst of this tour. 

Therefore, to make your vacation at the Farmhouse more exciting and more European, you can rent European-style costumes here. 

Taking pictures using European-style dresses or clothes and the background of European-style buildings will make your photos even more extraordinary. 

To be able to wear European-style costumes you have to pay 75,000 per hour, don't worry about the size problem, because here are provided costumes ranging from S to XL sizes which are free for you to choose.

4. Hunting Photos in Instagramable Spots

There are so many photo spots that you can capture at this Lembang Farmhouse, because every building in the Farmhouse is indeed made in a unique, European-style and attractive style, almost every corner of the farmhouse can be used as a photo spot, even taking pictures in front of the Caffe crapes feels like that. aesthetic, because the shop building style is like abroad.

Taking pictures with the background of small houses lined up with colorful and striking paint colors also still looks beautiful and instagramable. 

So if you want to take pictures in the Farmhouse area, you just have to walk around and look for a spot that is a little quiet so that there aren't too many people walking behind your photo.

Not only buildings, the Farmhouse also has a flower garden that is neatly arranged and of course you can also use it as a photo spot, we guarantee that when you spend vacation time at the Farmhouse, your cellphone or camera memory will be full considering there are many beautiful photo spots and not maybe you can miss it.

5. Eat Delicious Food

After getting tired of queuing up at the hobbit house to get the best photos, visiting the farm, and circling the entire area for photo hunting, it's time for you to fill your rumbling stomach. 

At the Farmhouse there are lots of small caffes and restaurants ready to serve you, ranging from super delicious European-style crapes, grilled suki-suki, roadside grilled sausages, or heavy meals such as rice, everything is here.

You who come all the way from out of town, of course, want to bring gifts for your relatives, right? Well, you also don't have to worry about souvenirs, because at the Farmhouse there is a kind of market that sells typical Farmhouse knick-knacks, ranging from small hangers, umbrellas, bags and even cute clothes.

Location & Hours of Operation Farmhouse Lembang, Bandung

For those of you who want to visit the Farmhouse, the complete address of this tour is on the Bandung-Lembang highway, 108, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, West Bandung. 

Because the place is on the side of the highway, and has a very large signpost, it makes Farmhouse very easy to find. Farmhouse is also located 2km before Lembang city center.

Farmhouse Lembang operating hours are from 08.00 to 09.00 at night, the entrance ticket is 25,000, but when buying this tour ticket you will get a welcome drink in the form of Lembang milk which has a variety of flavors and you can choose it, original, vanilla, chocolate or something.

Map and Route to Farmhouse Lembang, Bandung

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