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Rumah Mode Bandung, a Tourist Place That Makes More Fashionable

JalanJalanMen! - Rumah Mode Bandung (Bandung Fashion House), is not a tourist place that will be difficult for you to find. Especially for those of you who are crazy about fashion, then this place is the right place for you to visit. 

Who doesn't know Bandung with its shopping paradise. Even in this city there are lots of factory outlets lined up, boutiques, and other shopping places that might make you feel confused about which FO to go first. 

For those of you who have a lot of time when visiting Bandung, maybe you won't feel confused. 

But for those of you who may only have a short time when visiting this flower city, you should first find out where you will shop comfortably before you come.

As for Bandung Fashion House, a shopping paradise that you must visit when you come here. 

At this Factory Outlet, you can find a variety of clothes and fashion accessories that are certainly up to date and make you more stylish. 

Not only for women, this place also provides fashion needs for men and children. 

And even more fun, the Rumah Mode area is quite spacious and comfortable for smart shoppers. 

So it is not surprising that this place will always be crowded, especially when the holidays arrive.

Bandung Fashion House Stands

For those of you who first come to this Bandung Fashion House, of course you will not think that this is a tourist favorite Factory Outlet. 

Considering the building from the outside it is just like an ordinary house building, which is in a modern ethnic style. The building style of this Bandung Fashion House is a blend of traditional Balinese architecture, as well as modern architecture complete with fish ponds & gurgling fountains. 

And the combination of the two is enough to make us feel comfortable like at home when we are in this building. 

Of course this will provide a different shopping atmosphere. You can shop, and at the same time you can enjoy a comfortable home atmosphere.

Bandung Fashion House Shoe Collection

For those of you who want to spend all day at this Factory Outlet, it's also not a problem. Because Rumah Bandung has also provided supporting facilities as tourist attractions in Bandung. 

With a large parking area, you don't have to worry about jostling to find a parking space for your vehicle. 

In addition, there are also toilets & places of worship (mushola) that are comfortable for you. Those of you who may be accompanying someone shopping, but don't want to go around, then you can sit back and relax with a cup of coffee at the coffee shop which is also available here. 

After a tired day of walking around, you can also do some reflection here. Or for those of you who are hungry, you can go directly to the Resto area.

As a One Stop Shopping-Area, the location of Rumah Mode Bandung is very easy to reach. having its address at Jalan Dr. Setiabudi Number 41, Bandung. 

In this area the directions or location markers are very clear and large. So, for those of you who use private vehicles, you don't need to be afraid that it will be difficult to find the location. 

For its own operating hours, Rumah Mode opens at 09.30 (weekdays), and at 08.30 (weekends), so it is recommended that if you want to come on weekends, you should come early, considering that during the holiday season or weekends the area around Rumah Mode also works. creeping solid.

Map and Route to Bandung Fashion House

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