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What is Urban Tourism?

JalanJalanMen! - Tourism is an activity that is of interest to everyone. Traveling is a fun way to unwind from the hectic daily activities. There are so many types of tourism activities that can be done, such as: historical tours, nature tours, cultural tours, city tours, and many more.

The millennial generation or young people are identical with their hobbies who like traveling or traveling. In addition to unwinding, one of the main goals of the millennial generation in traveling is to show their existence through social media.

One type of tourism that is quite in demand by the millennial generation is city tourism or urban tourism.

Urban tourism or urban tourism is a tourism activity that takes place in urban spaces with economic attributes other than agriculture, such as administration, manufacturing, trade and services, as well as transportation. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) describes urban tourism as an experience through a wide and diverse range of cultural, architectural, technological, social and natural products for leisure and business. So, which cities are included in the category of urban tourism?

City tourism is an activity to attract domestic and foreign tourists by providing accommodation and visiting programs to places that are the main attraction of the city (Inskeep, 1991).

Based on this understanding, city tourism is generally a tourist activity that is carried out within the scope of a city and carries out various activities, such as: shopping, watching shows, visiting festivals, visiting city parks, and many more.

Compared to other types of tourism, city tourism or urban tourism has several advantages. The first advantage is that tourist attractions are cheap and even free. There are many city tourist attractions at affordable prices, even free of charge, which is what millennials like.

One type of city tourist attraction that is free and often visited by young people is a city park or city square. Lots of young people visit city parks or city squares because these places are free to visit.

In addition, the place is quite instagrammable so it is suitable for millennial generations who like to capture pictures.

The second advantage is easy road access and complete transportation. Easy road access to visit a city tourist attraction adds more value to this type of tourism. The urban location is quite good in terms of road accessibility, making it easier for tourists to visit various tourist attractions in a city.

In addition, complete transportation, both conventional and online, makes it easier for tourists to travel, especially young people who don't want to be complicated in transportation matters.

The last advantage is a complete infrastructure. City tourism or urban tourism has a complete infrastructure and makes it easier for tourists.

There are many complete public facilities that can be found easily in a city, such as: places of worship, toilets, gas stations, and even public wifi, which of course are rarely found other than in urban areas.

Then, there are several city tourist attractions or attractions that are usually visited by tourists, especially the millennial generation:

1. Culinary

Every city or region must have a unique culinary. There are many restaurants in a city that serve a variety of food, both traditional and modern.

The various types of restaurants and the food in them are the main attraction for tourists, especially young people who like to explore a city to taste the culinary inside.

2. Shopping Center

Shopping centers are one of the main attractions in city tourism that should not be missed when traveling in a city. Each shopping center has its own charm for tourists who like to shop.

In addition, in today's modern era, shopping centers are frequently visited places to support a modern lifestyle, such as: shopping, hanging out with friends, watching movies, eating at restaurants, and many more.

3. City Park or Town Square

Its easy and free access is the main attraction for young people to visit it. In addition, there are various instagrammable photo spots which are certainly liked by the millennial generation who like to capture images.

In addition to interesting photo spots, there are also various kinds of roadside food vendors that should not be missed for culinary lovers.

4. Festival

One of the main attractions in city tourism is the festival. Many interesting festivals are held in a city to attract tourists to visit it.

The millennial generation is one of the main targets of visitors in organizing festivals because generally they like to visit an interesting festival.

One of the most famous city tourist destinations in the world is the city of New York in the United States. This city has become a mainstay destination for world tourists who want to enjoy urban tourism in the United States.

There are many tourist attractions in this city, such as: Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and many more.

In addition, Indonesia also has a well-known city tourist destination, namely the city of Yogyakarta. The city of Yogyakarta is famous for its various tourist attractions, such as: Malioboro, South Square, Yogyakarta Kilometer Zero Point, and many more.

The millennial generation is synonymous with hobbies that like to travel without wanting to be complicated.

Therefore, city tourism or urban tourism is one of the most preferred types of tourism activities by millennial generations because of its easy access. In addition, there are many city tourist attractions that appeal to millennials who are identical to taking pictures.

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