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10 Night Tours That You Must Visit in Yogyakarta

JalanJalanMen! - Who does not know the natural beauty and cultural richness of the city of Yogyakarta? When you are on vacation in Jogja, you can choose various kinds of tours here.

10 Night Tours That You Must Visit in Yogyakarta

After enjoying and visiting tourist attractions during the day, at night you can still visit tourist attractions, you know.

Here are 10 night attractions in Yogyakarta that you must visit, Folks!

1. Malioboro

Who does not know this very iconic street in Jogja? It's not complete to go to Jogja if you haven't walked along the Malioboro street.

Actually, you can walk along Malioboro street during the day, but the Jogja night tour on Malioboro street certainly has its own charm.

You can shop for souvenirs here and enjoy Jogja's night culinary, Folks. In addition to enjoying angkringan and other food, your night will also be accompanied by the sound of street musicians around.

2. Zero Point Kilometer

The next Jogja night tourist spot is the Zero Kilometer Point. Here, you will see a typical European old building which at night becomes even more beautiful!

At night, for those of you who like to take pictures, Zero Point Kilometer is the right place because there are many interesting photo objects here.

No need to go all the way to Thailand, on weekend nights, you can see the Oyot Godhong Cabaret Show here. They will be showing their dancing and lipsyncing skills there! 

3. Dahromo Sky Door (Pintoe Langit Dahromo)

Enjoying the view from a height certainly has its own charm. Many tourist attractions in Jogja that present the natural beauty from a height, one of which is Pintoe Langit Dahromo.

Pintoe Langit Dahromo is located in Karang Asem, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Pintoe Langit Dahromo is also not far from Pinus Pengger and Pinus Becici.

One of the famous spits in this area is the door with a wide panorama. This door is also called the sky door because it seems to lead to the sky. In addition, there is a grand piano there which is also a great photo spot.

At night, you can enjoy Jogja which displays its charm from the sparkling lights below.

4. Indische Koffie Coffeeshop

This cool coffee shop is located in the Vredeburg Fort complex. The concept that this cafe has is a culinary and history tour .

The interior and exterior design of this cafe is in European colonial style. As the name suggests, the dishes served at this cafe are Indonesian and European specialties.

This cafe is perfect for spending the afternoon into the evening when you are in Jogja. During the day you can play fort Vredeburg and stop by here in the afternoon. The menu prices here range from IDR 10,000 – IDR 120,000

5. Oyot Godhong Cabaret Show

Cabaret is a performance from the Western World which includes comedians, performing arts, and dances.

Not only Bali and Bangkok, Jogja also has a cabaret show filled with ladyboys / transvestites. The Oyot Godhong Cabaret Show is present every Saturday night and Sunday night on the roof of Mirotika Batik, Malioboro.

You can enjoy performances of transvestites singing lypsinc and dancing, as well as hilarious entertainment here. Don't be late, because lots of people want to watch this show.

6. Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Park is located in the area of ​​Monument Jogja Return, Sleman, Yogyakarta. If you are on vacation with your family to Jogja, Taman Pelangi is suitable to visit! 

You can find many lanterns with various shapes here, Folks. Besides enjoying various forms of lanterns to take pictures, you can also enjoy various kinds of playgrounds here!

No need to worry, after tired of playing and taking pictures, you can enjoy various kinds of culinary here, such as dumplings, batagor, noodles, and many others. The price of admission here starts from Rp. 15,000 – Rp. 20,000, -

7. Bukit Indah Restaurant

Make your tour while in Jogja memorable, one of which is by enjoying dinner at Bukit Indah Resto. This restaurant is located in Piyungan, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Located in a hill area with a height of 300 meters, Bukit Indah Resto offers a view of Jogja from above. At night, you can eat food here while looking at the view of Jogja from above.

Even though the architecture is European-style, you can order seafood , pasta, and even Chinese food here. Food and drink prices range from IDR 5,000 – IDR 65,000

8. Rocking Rock (Watu Goyang)

You can also enjoy the view from above in Jogja at Watu Goyang. This place is located in Mangunan Village, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This place describe as elevated park offering sunset & countryside views, plus quirky installations for selfies.

You can come to Watu Goyang in the afternoon to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. You can also see the Menoreh Mountains along the south to the north. If the weather is sunny, you can also see Parangtritis Beach, you know!

There is a helipad at Watu Goyang for tourist photo spots. The lights of Bantul Regency began to be seen when the sky began to darken. You can enjoy while relaxing there.

9. Breksi Cliff

Breksi Cliff is a cliff excavated from the activities of residents. The excavated scratch creates its own artistic value. Many events are held around the Breksi Cliff, Folks.

This place is also suitable for those of you who are adventurous because there are mountain bike tracks and rock climbing spots. You can also enjoy the sunset from the top of the Breksi Cliff.

At night, the view from the top of the hill is even more beautiful. You can see Prambanan Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan Temple, and Mount Merapi.

10 . Lintang Sewu Hill

Lintang Sewu Hill is located in Karang Asem, Bantul, Yogyakarta. During the day, you can enjoy the beauty of the wide green panorama. This place has describe as a large star & other decorative sculptures accent this popular mountaintop with scenic valley views.

If you usually see the sunset from a height, Bukit Lintang Sewu is the best place to see the sunrise , Folks!

Bukit Lintang Sewu in Javanese means Hill of a Thousand Stars. Lots of interesting photo spots up here, you know!

When night falls, you can relax for a moment enjoying the beauty of the sparkling lights from a height while taking pictures.


Those are 10 Jogja night tours that you shouldn't miss when visiting the student city, Folks!

Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, to night tours that have their own uniqueness and beauty. You can choose the one that best suits you.

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