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12 Best Tourist Places in Ngawi in 2022

JalanJalanMen! - Visiting East Java, tourists must be familiar with visiting popular tours in Malang or Surabaya.

For those of you who want to explore the East Java region, you can visit the Ngawi area, a district in East Java province which has many natural and historically valuable tourist destinations.

Ngawi which has the nickname Bamboo City has natural destinations, such as waterfalls, tea gardens, hills, and beautiful tourist parks.

You can also visit the historical fort van den Bosch or Palereman Alas Ketonggo Srigati which has high historical value.

For those of you who want to explore every corner of the Ngawi area which is directly adjacent to Central Java, here are recommendations for Ngawi tourist attractions that are already open and must be visited.

tempat wisata terbaru di ngawi 2022

Recommendations Popular Tourist Attractions in Ngawi 

Tourist attractions with natural nuances are perfect for a weekend visit to unwind. In addition, historically valuable tourist attractions in Ngawi are also interesting for us to know to commemorate the history of our heroes or pfredecessors in the area. The following are recommendations for tourist attractions in Ngawi that can be an option.

1. Jamus Tea Garden

For those of you who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Ngawi Regency, you can visit the Jamus Tea Garden. This 478 hectare garden can spoil the eyes thanks to its natural beauty. This place has knows for Tours of a plantation with terraced fields of tea trees in mountain foothills, with sweeping views.

Jamus Tea Plantation is located on Jl. Girikerto, Kec. Sine, Kab. Ngawi, East Java with an entrance ticket price of only Rp. 8,000.

In addition to the tea garden, you can also visit the swimming pool with natural springs and Borobudur Hills which is located not far from the Jamus Tea Garden.

2. Srambang Waterfall

A trip to the waterfall is often an option to spend the weekend because of the coolness of the water and the beautiful natural scenery of the surrounding forest. This place has knows for Set in a nature park at the base of Mt. Lawu, this boulder-strewn waterfall is popular for photos.

The recommended waterfall that you can visit in the Ngawi area is Srambang Waterfall.

Located in the Jogorogo Forest, the entrance ticket to Srambang Waterfall is IDR 5,000. This waterfall offers many interesting spots for photos, such as golden statues of women, colorful balloons or winding stairs. You can also swim around the waterfall, Toppers.

3. Van den Bosch Fort

Want to know a part of Indonesian history? A trip to Fort van den Bosch can be an option. This fort has walls that are outdated but still stand strong and are the meeting point between the Madiun River and the Solo River. This place has knows for Completed in 1845, this sizable fort was once occupied by 250 men of the Dutch army.

Fort van den Bosch has an exotic shape so you can take a picture of it or use it as a photo background on social media.

The entry ticket price is quite cheap, for only Rp. 5,000 you can visit this historical place in Ngawi Regency.

4. Bridal Waterfall

Bridal Waterfall is a waterfall that was once used as the main location for the horror film of the same name. This place has knows for Side-by-side waterfalls with stairs leading to the plunge pool & a bamboo deck for photos.

However, you don't have to worry, Toppers. This waterfall doesn't have a scary aura like in the movies.

This place offers the beauty of a 12 meter high waterfall which is complemented by the natural beauty of the surroundings and the cool air. With the entrance ticket price of IDR 7,000 you can enjoy the freshness of the Bridal Waterfall.

5. Ngawi Trinil Museum

For only Rp. 3,000, you can visit historical places, namely the Ngawi Trinil Museum.

This museum has a collection of ancient fossil discoveries that are still stored and maintained neatly.

As a visitor you can see the findings of Phitecantropus Erectus which was discovered by Eugene Dubois. Trinil Museum is located in Pilang, Wonokerto, Pilang, Kawu, Kec. Kedunggalar, Kab. Ngawi, East Java.

6. Srambang Park

Want to do healing or visit a cool forest area? Srambang Park can be an option.

The entrance ticket to visit this place is Rp. 20,000. You will be presented with a very beautiful pine forest, complete with ornamental plants that make it even more attractive.

In addition, Srambang Park also has a refreshing waterfall destination. This place is closely related to the legend of Jaka Tarub.

7. Suwono Waterfall

Another recommended waterfall that can be an option is Suwono Waterfall. Located on Jalan Punen, Hargomulyo, Kec. Ngrambe, the price for the entrance ticket to this waterfall is IDR 3,000. This place has knows for Popular tourist destination featuring a small waterfall in a scenic, wooded environment.

This waterfall is suitable for those of you who want a quiet place full of peace because it is not too full of visitors.

8. Kerek Indah Hill

Want to enjoy the view of the Ngawi area from the top of the hills? You can visit Kerek Indah Hill which is located in Poncol, Kerek Village. In this place, you can take pictures with the background of beautiful natural scenery.

Kerek Indah Hill has many interesting photo spots, such as wooden bridges and  funny quotes . You can also see the beauty of the Bengawan Solo river from the top of this hill.

9. Jonggol Stone Tour

Watu Jonggol Tourism has the characteristic of a dragon statue that is stored at the foot of Mount Lawu.

This tourist spot also has a large rock which is partially covered with soil and there is a swimming pool with natural springs. 

For those of you who want to swim while enjoying the natural beauty of Mount Lawu, visit the Watu Jonggol tourist spot, Toppers. The price of admission to this place is quite affordable, Toppers, you only need to spend Rp. 4,000.

10. Ngawi Agro Techno Park

Ngawi Agro Techno Park has a quite unique concept. There is a garden with a wooden bridge that you can explore, Toppers. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Lawu and the soothing river flow. This place has knows for Riverfront, agricultural-themed park featuring an elevated, boardwalk-style track with many steps.

This place is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as take pictures. Located in the Mangkleng area, you can visit with an entrance ticket of IDR 5,000 only.

11. Tirtonirmolo Tourism Waterpark

Tirtonirmolo Tourism Park provides many tourist options that you can visit, ranging from swimming pools, outbound, cable car, or water boats. You can also enjoy cheap and delicious food on the sidelines of a tour in Tirtonirmolo.

The swimming pool in this tourist spot has an entrance ticket price of IDR 15,000, affordable enough to enjoy many water rides, such as water slides, Olympic pool, or indoor waterpark.

12. Palereman Alas Ketonggo Srigati

Want to visit other historically valuable places in the Ngawi area? Palereman Alas Ketonggo Srigati could be an option.

This place is a guest house for the King of Brawijaya which is a palace for the kingdom of supernatural or astral beings, so this place is full of mystical values.

This location is located in Babadan Village, Paron District, which has considerable historical value about the Ngawi area.


So, are you interested in going to the Ngawi area? Its stunning natural tourism with views that spoil the eye is certainly a very interesting attraction. 

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