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12 Tourist Attractions in Pati, Most Popular and Newest in 2022

JalanJalanMen! - Indonesia has many beautiful natural destinations, from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia's natural wealth is priceless. While in Central Java, you can visit the Pati area which has natural beauty, historical tourism, and religion.

The Pati area, which has the motto Pati Bumi Mina Tani, is often a destination for local and foreign tourists. Starting from reservoirs, hills, caves, beaches, to dams, each tourist spot has its own characteristics that are certainly interesting to spend the weekend.

For those of you who are interested in visiting the Pati area and peeking at its natural beauty, here are the recommendations for the most popular and newest tourist attractions in Pati that could be your choice, Folks.

1. Jolong Agro Tourism

Agro Jolong Tourism, which is located in Sitiluhur Village, Gembong District, Pati Regency, Central Java, will present a wide expanse of coffee plantations equipped with several interesting places that you can visit, such as flower gardens, tree houses, and Grenjengan waterfall tours.

In addition, you can also try various rides here to test your adrenaline with flying fox, relax in fish therapy, balloon house, to outbound, Folks.

2. Mount Rowo Reservoir

The next recommendation is the Gunung Rowo Reservoir which can be a tourist choice to relax with family. Visitors will be presented with a beautiful mountain backdrop accompanied by a cool and refreshing atmosphere.

This reservoir is located in Mbangan, RT.3/RW.2, Gunungrowo Reservoir Area, Sitiluhur, Kec. Gembong, Kab. Pati. When visiting this place, you can also buy heavy food to fill your stomach, such as grilled fish.

3. Bukit View Ki Santamulya

Bukit View Ki Santamulya is on the incline of Santa which in Javanese is read "sonto". This hill is located on a limestone height which has many interesting selfie spots to upload to social media.

You can take selfies on the “i love you” logo , tree houses, love alleys. Gedek rocks, wayang ucul, and spots like a unique bird's nest, Folks.

4. Pancur Cave

You can explore Pancur Cave tourist destinations with the water in the cave. This place has limestone rocks that form very beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

In the cave, there are stalagmites in the form of rice fields that are very unique and also curtain stone stalactites and wing stones. 

For those of you who are interested, this tourist destination is located in the south of Pati City, precisely in Jimbaran Village, Kayen District, Folks.

5. Lorotan Semar Waterfall

Lorotan Semar Waterfall is located in Sumbersari Village, Kayen District, Pati Regency, Central Java. This waterfall is not too high but the water discharge is quite heavy. The beauty of this waterfall is very beautiful because it is flanked by limestone hills on either side.

The atmosphere of Lorotan Semar Waterfall is very calm so it is suitable for those of you who want to spend the weekend playing in the water or taking pictures near the waterfall area.

6. Kertomulyo Beach

The next recommended tourist spot that you can visit when visiting Pati Regency is Kertomulyo Beach. This beach is located in the village of Kertomulyo, Kec. Trangkil is approximately 17 kilometers from downtown Pati.

When entering the beach area, you will be greeted by a bamboo gate that reads Mangrove Conservation Area. In addition, you can also take pictures in the gazebo and small chairs. 

This tourist spot has many mangrove plants that circle along the coast. There are 2 types of mangrove plants on Kertomulyo Beach, namely Avicennia officinalis and Rhizophora.

7. Banyutowo Idol Beach

Banyutowo Idol Beach is located in Banyutowo, Kec. Dukuhseti, Kab. Pati is directly adjacent to the Java Sea and also Jepara district. This location has a wide view which is certainly very fun while on vacation with relatives or family.

Uniquely, this beach is often used to perform sea alms rituals which are held at certain times, Folks.

8. Amazon Waterland and Theme Park

For those of you who are looking for an exciting water tourism destination, Amazon Waterland and Themepark can be an option to spend the weekend. This place is on the Juwana Rembang highway KM 7.

With an area of ​​5 hectares, Amazon Waterland & Themepark has 37 water and land rides that can be enjoyed as a means of recreation for family or relatives. You can even enjoy a water boom with an interesting and fun foam party .

9. Kletek Dam

Image Source: Pati Tourism Object, Pucakwangi District, Pati Regency, Central Java, which has been open since 2018 and is still widely used as a tourist option to fill the weekend.

This dam has many cool selfie spots with a very beautiful surrounding. Like a red bridge or a unique love symbol.

10. Wareh Cave

Wareh Cave is located in Kedumulyo, Kec. Sukolilo, Kab. Pati which is still rarely known by many tourists outside Pati. This tourist spot turns out to save the natural beauty that you must visit, Folks.

You can soak in this cave and see the springs which are said to make you stay young and make it easy to find a mate. Do you want to give it a try, Folks?

11. Seloromo Reservoir

Seloromo Reservoir is located at the foot of Mount Muria, Gembong Reservoir Area, Kec. Gembong, Kab. Pati. The atmosphere of this reservoir is very cool and refreshing to the eyes so you will not be bored to linger in this place.

In addition, Seloromo Reservoir can also be used for pre-wedding photos because of its beauty , photography activities, and also playing with water.

12. Jolong Dragon Hill

When you are on Jolong Dragon Hill, you will enjoy the very beautiful beauty of Seloromo Reservoir and Mount Rowo Reservoir. This area is a dragon fruit plantation that has been converted into a community recreation area with a very large area. 

If you are lucky, you can come at harvest time and can buy dragon fruit as a souvenir at home, Folks. For those of you who want to visit this place, the location of Jolong Dragon Hill is located in Sitiluhur, Kec. Gembong, Kab. Pati.


Those are the various tourist destinations in Pati Regency that you can explore while on vacation to Pati Bumi Mina Tani which has many tourist destinations of water, reservoirs, and waterfalls.

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