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8 Romantic Tourist Places in Bali, Suitable for Honeymoon

JalanJalanMen! - Bali is one of the prima donna of tourism in Indonesia which is famous to foreign countries. The beautiful and enchanting island of Bali can be your destination for a holiday with friends or even with your partner, Folks.

On the Island of the Gods, romantic places are not only dominated by beaches, because there are many romantic tourist attractions in Bali that you can make as a place to spend time with him.

Need a recommendation for a romantic place that is suitable for you to visit? Check out the list below!

Tempat romantis di bali 2022

Romantic Tourist Places in Bali

1. Bukit Campuhan Ubud

Not only beaches, Bali also has hilly natural attractions with panoramic views that are not only good for capturing by the camera, but also for holiday destinations with your partner. 

Campuhan Ubud Hill is located on Bangkiang Sidem Street, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The scenery here is not only beautiful, the green grass will make you feel calm and refreshed. This place has known for Scenic hiking destination featuring an ambling 12-km. trail amid lush green woods, valleys & rivers.

The fatigue you feel when you go to Campuhan Hill Ubud will also pay off. Because the surrounding scenery will amaze you! The best time to come here is the morning and evening. You can see sunrise or sunset here, Folks.

2. Ujung Karangasem Park

Not just a park, there is a blend of culture, nature, and history at Taman Ujung Karangasem. Taman Ujung is also known as Taman Sukasada. 

Located in Banjar Ujung, Karangasem, Bali. This place serves a blend of European and Balinese style. The number of trees will shade you from the hot sun. 

This tourist spot is also too crowded. So you and your partner can enjoy the charm of the garden built by the king of Karangasem, which is more calm and peaceful.

3. Gunung Payung Beach

Bali is famous for its beautiful and stunning beaches. However, these beaches are usually crowded with visitors. What if you want to spend time with your partner on a less crowded beach? You can go to Gunung Payung Beach, Folks! 

This place has known for Secluded white-sand beach with a reef for snorkelling, overlooked by cliffs & a Hindu temple. Gunung Payung Beach is located in Kutuh, South Kuta, Bali. actually this beach is close to Pandawa Beach. This beach is perfect for those of you who want to spend time with your partner on the beach without being disturbed by crowds.

You will find a beach with white sand and small waves surrounded by cliffs. To get to Gunung Payung Beach, you have to pass about 300 steps. There are no food vendors in the beach area yet, make sure you bring your lunch if you want to come here, OK!

4. Jimbaran Beach

In addition to playing on the beach, it will be more romantic if it is continued with dinner on the beach. This beach, which is located in South Kuta, Badung, Bali, is famous for its seafood snacks , such as fish, shrimp, squid, and others. This place has known for Long, narrow white-sand swimming & surfing beach with numerous oceanside seafood restaurants.

Enjoying seafood on the beach with your partner accompanied by the sound of the waves and candlelight certainly makes the atmosphere even more romantic!

5. Broken Beach

Create unforgettable moments with your partner at Broken Beach, Nusa Penida. Here you will be presented with a wide sea view with large rocks.

If you're lucky, the clean and blue waters can make you see dolphins and rays swimming around the water, you know!

6. Nusa Ceningan

A small island with a million beauties can be an option for you and your partner to spend time. One that you must visit there is the Blue Lagoon and Mahana Points. 

This place has known for Compact, rustic island traversable by motorbike, with eateries, a beach & a scenic lagoon. The clear blue sea water with the waves crashing against the big rocks has its own charm and charm.

Well, if you and your partner have a high adventurous spirit, you can try jumping from a cliff into the sea at Mahana Points, Folks. Of course it will be a memory that you will not forget with your partner!

7. Lovina Beach

Want to see dolphins swimming up close? Lovina Beach is the right choice. This place has known for Volcanic-sand beach for diving & snorkeling, featuring regular visits from bottle-nosed dolphins.

At Lovina Beach you can enjoy dolphin attractions. These dolphins are protected by the government, so they shouldn't be caught and sold, Folks. 

In addition, if you usually go to the beach to see the sunset, Lovina Beach is the right place to enjoy the sunrise . You and your partner can also snorkel here, you know!

8. Guungan Hill

Guungan Hill is located on Jalan Raya Candidasa, Karangasem, Bali. The green trees and the stunning sea view from above, make this hill you must visit with your partner.

The calm atmosphere and the natural scenery offered will certainly create a beautiful memory. You can see the sunrise from this hill and go straight to Candidasa Beach, you know!


Can you determine a romantic place in Bali that you want to visit with your partner? Now is the time to complete your traveling needs!

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