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Exploring 17 Most Favorite Tourist Places in Solo

JalanJalanMen! - Do you want to visit the city of Solo? If so, you must read this article to the end! 

The city of Solo or also known as Surakarta is a large city located in the province of Central Java, Indonesia. This city has a tourism slogan "Solo The Spirit of Java", which means that the city of Solo is the center of Javanese culture.

In accordance with its slogan, this city is indeed rich in culture and tourist attractions that you must visit.

Starting from landscape tourist destinations, culture, history, to culinary. Without further ado , let's take a look at the rows of tourist attractions in Solo that are popular and often targeted by tourists

Instagramable & Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Solo

1. Jumog Waterfall

Jumog Waterfall is the next natural tourism option that you must visit. This 30 meter high waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District, or about 41 km from Solo. 

In addition to soothing the eyes, Folks can also have picnics by the river and feel the experience of playing in the river that flows at the bottom, you know! 

The price for the entrance ticket is also very cheap, Folks. For only Rp. 5,000, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Jumog Waterfall.

2. The Heritage Palace Solo

You don't have to go far, you can experience a European-style tour in Indonesia. Located on Jalan Permata Raya Dukuh Tegalmulyo, The Heritage Palace Solo is a favorite tourist spot for many tourists. 

How come? Almost every side of this place has a modern and instagrammable spot ! This is perfect for those of you who like photos, Folks. 

Not only that, you can also enjoy the transportation museum, the 3D Trick Art Museum, the Industrial Museum, Omah Kwalik, and many more.

3. Surakarta Palace

The city of Solo is full of historical journeys from the Sultanate of Mataram. Folks can still see the remnants of this long history by visiting the Surakarta Palace, which was founded by Susuhunan Pakubuwana II in 1744 as a replacement for the destroyed Kartasura Palace.

Not only is it famous as a tourist destination in Solo, this historic building has until now been used as Sri Sunan's residence. With various buildings in the Surakarta Palace complex, ranging from museums, squares, and so on, Folks can still see various collections of historical Kasunanan relics.

4. Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu

Located about 37 kilometers from the center of Solo City, Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu is a favorite natural tourist destination that Folks can visit while in Solo. This 80 meter high waterfall is one of the highest that Folks can find in the Central Java region.

However, to reach the location of the waterfall, Folks must climb at least 1,000 stairs. However, the beautiful natural panorama on the sides of the stairs certainly makes this climb not tiring.

5. Kauman Batik Village

Known as one of the cities of Batik besides Pekalongan and Yogyakarta, of course, a stop to Solo is not complete without hunting for Batik. One of the right places to explore the beauty of Batik in Solo is Kampung Batik Kauman.

Various types of batik, ranging from traditional written batik to modern batik can be found here. Not a few tourists both from within and outside the country who deliberately stop at this Solo tourist attraction just to buy the famous Batik, you know.

6. Danarhadi Batik Museum

Another tourist spot in Solo that Folks can visit to learn about the richness of Batik culture in Solo is the Danarhadi Batik Museum.

This Solo tourist destination offers a variety of batik motifs and patterns from various regions throughout the archipelago, you know.

From classic to contemporary batik, you can find Folks here. In this Solo Tourism object, you can also witness firsthand how the process of making Batik, you know.

7. Mangkunegaran Temple

Another historical tourist destination in Solo, apart from the Keraton Surakarta, is Pura Mangkunegaran, a magnificent palace built as a residence for the leaders of the Duchy of Praja Mangkunegaran.

This Solo tourist attraction is one of the cultural and artistic centers of the City of Solo where Folks can find collections from the relics of the Mataram and Majapahit Kingdoms.

In addition, every Wednesday, Folks can watch Gamelan performances at this Solo tourist spot.

8. Ngarsopuro Night Market

Ngarsopuro Night Market is a shopping destination located on Jalan Diponegoro. Open every night on weekends, this Solo tourist destination is suitable for Folks who are looking for a place to shop as well as culinary at an affordable price.

Various products ranging from fashion, accessories, art items, toFolks can find traditional and modern culinary here.

9. Galabo Solo

This next Solo tourist spot is an option for Folks who like night food. Located on Jalan Mayor Sunaryo, Folks can visit Galabo Solo (Gladak Langen Bogan) where various Solo food vendors can be tried.

10. Sangiran Early Man Museum

The Sangiran Ancient Human Museum is a choice of educational tourism object in Solo which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This museum not only stores various collections of ancient human and animal fossils but also becomes the most complete research center for prehistoric life in Asia, you know.

11. Radya Pustaka Museum

The next museum in Solo City that Folks can visit as a tourist attraction is the Raditya Pustaka Surakarta Museum which has been established since 1890.

The museum itself is a place where various collections of ancient objects from the history of the Mataram Palace and other relics are kept closely related to the cities of Solo and Surakarta such as Gamelan, statues, ceramics, kris, ancient books, and other historical objects.

12. Triwindu Antique Market

For Folks who are fans of antiques, the Triwindu Antique Pasat could be the choice of the right shopping destination in Solo for you.

Antique items such as ancient batik, old coins, collections of rare automotive items, to antique paintings and ornaments can be found in this market located on Jalan Diponegoro.

13. Sriwedari Park

Sriwedari Park is a gardening complex that has existed since the era of Pakubuwana X's leadership and is a regular venue for the Selikuran Night entertainment.

One of the facilities at this Solo tourist attraction is the Sriwedari Wayang Orang Building which is a place for staging puppet shows.

14. Fort Vastenburg

To explore the history of Solo, Vastenburg Fort, which was built since 1745, is one of the tourist destinations that Folks can visit.

Built on the orders of Governor General Baron Van Imhoff, this fort was originally the center of control of the Surakarta Palace government.

Although some of the fort's buildings are in the form of rubble, there are still remnants of solid structures from the silent witness of the Dutch occupation on the mainland of Java that Folks can explore.

15. Colo Dam, Sukoharjo

The dam in the Sukoharjo area was actually built as a water storage facility.

However, due to its unique structure, the Colo dam has become one of the tourist destinations in Solo, especially for those of you who are looking for an instagramable photo spot .

16. Sukuh Temple

A little pulled over to Karanganyar Regency, Folks can try visiting Sukuh Temple. This ancient Hindu-style relic was first discovered by Thomas Stanford Raffles in 1815.

The structure of this temple has a trapezoidal shape which at first glance resembles the temples of the Mayans in Chichen Itza, Mexico.

One of the famous things about this tourist attraction is the existence of replicas with erotic and adult patterns so that there are many myths that associate the existence of this temple with things that smell of partner loyalty.

17. Cetho Temple

Not far from Tribal Temple, Folks can visit Cetho Temple which is about 2 hours drive from Solo City.

This Hindu-style temple is estimated to have been built in the era of the Majapahit kingdom and is still actively used as a place of worship for Hindus who live around the temple area.


Those are the various tourist destinations in Solo that Folks can explore while on vacation to the City of Batik. Hope you all enjoy when travel in Solo.

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