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10 Newest Tourist Attractions in Pohuwato

JalanJalanMen! - Want to Vacation to Pohuwato? Check the List of Top Tourist Attractions in Pohuwato, Gorontalo. The Latest, Current & Most Popular Maritime Attractions Visited While on Vacation.

Traveling is an activity that you can do to unwind. Hearing the sound of the waves or visiting places that have soothing views is one of the interesting activities that must be done.

For that, when you are in Pohuwato Regency, Gorontalo then you also need to start visiting the following 10 interesting tourist attractions, ranging from waterfalls to beaches available in this one area. Check out the full review.

1. Kampung Torosiaje

Who says you can't travel in a village? When you are in Torosiaje Village, you can meet local residents as well as travel. This tourist destination that is above the sea is far from being slum. While here, you can relax while chatting with local residents. In addition, you should not miss to taste the typical food of the village. Isn't it fun?

Location: Torosiaje, Kec. Popayato, Kab. Pohuwato.

2. Maruange Torosiaje Island

You can also make this tiny island one of the places you must visit when in Pohuwato. When you travel on this uninhabited island, you will also be able to see coral reefs that stretch on all sides. Not only that, the beauty will continue when conditions are low or high. Where later you will be able to enjoy beautiful coral like a carpet in this one place.

In addition, access to get to this one place is quite easy. Later you will only need about 15 minutes from Torosiaje Village which you can travel by using a speedboat. For those of you who have a hobby of snorkeling, then this one place will be very suitable for diving. The reason is, you will be presented with a very beautiful coral reef. Of course this will make you feel at home and not want to come back.

Location: Torosiaje, Kec. Popayato, Kab. Pohuwato.

3. Gulf Island

Besides Maruange Island, you can also visit Lahe Island to dive. With the coral reefs and aquatic biota on this island, it will be able to open the eyes for those of you who like to dive. The beauty and uniqueness of the natural sea that is served on this one island will of course make you amazed.

Having coral that is still natural and untouched by human hands, this will also be a home for fish and also life under the sea. You will also be able to dive on exotic islands and of course this one tour can be a special attraction for tourists. Even foreign tourists began to set foot to visit this charming island.

Location: Pohuwato Timur, Kec. Marisa, Kab. Pohuwato.

4. Love Tree Beach

For those of you who like to go to the beach, you don't have to worry about not being able to see the beauty of the sea. Because in Pohuwato you can also visit the beautiful Tree of Love Beach. When you are here, you will be able to do a variety of fun activities. Starting from seeing the beautiful sea view and also relaxing in the breezy wind, of course, it becomes a fun activity. In addition, there is a jogging track that you can use here.

Location : Pohuwato Timur, Kec. Marisa, Kab. Pohuwato.

5. Molombunaye Dive Sport

This area is also quite spacious and suitable for you to use as a place to dive. In the Pohuwato area itself, there are indeed many spots for diving that have beautiful views. The reason is, Molombunaye Dive Sport also provides the charm of coral reefs that are still virgin. Of course this one place is also a paradise and its own attraction for tourists who have a hobby of diving.

Location : Taluduyunu, Kec. Buntulia, Kab. Pohuwato.

6. Beautiful Valley

If you don't like diving or enjoying the beach, then the scenic valley will be a suitable tourist location for you to spend time. Permai Valley itself is actually one of the names of villages in the Pohuwato area. However, this village is not just any village, because when you visit here, you will immediately be presented with a very beautiful green landscape that will spoil your eyes.

So that later when you visit this village, it's no wonder you will find some visitors who deliberately come here to find peace. Because when you are here, you will immediately be presented with a green view. Coupled with a continuous row of hills, of course, will make you feel endlessly amazed. So you can find a calm atmosphere when you come to this one place.

Location : Rambutan, Lembah Permai, Kec. Wanggarasi, Kab. Pohuwato.

7. Nagit Marisa Bridge

For those of you who want to enjoy the sunset, then this one bridge will be a suitable place. The shape of this one bridge is also very unique so that it will be the main attraction for tourists. For that, you don't need to be surprised if when dusk begins to appear, many visitors and people stop to just watch the beauty of dusk in this one place.

Location : Jl. Trans Sulawesi, Marisa Selatan, Kec. Marisa, Kab. Pohuwato.

8. Wanggarasai Pier

In addition, you can also watch the sunset through this pier. Like the pier in general, this place is actually nothing special. However, when it is dusk, you will be amazed by the beauty of this one place.

Starting from the beautiful sea, green hills and also the twilight sky, this one pier will amaze you. You can invite your partner to come here to just see the sunset.

Location : Ipilo, Kec. Wanggarasi, Kab. Pohuwato.

9. Paguat Dam

The next tour that has a beautiful view is the Paguat Dam. When you travel to this one place, it will certainly make you feel relaxed instantly. Even though it's just a dam, you will also be able to see the expanse of green hills. Of course this is one of the places that you can visit when you are looking for peace from tired activities.

Location : Bumbulan, Pentadu, Kec. Paguat, Kab. Pohuwato.

10. Pancakarsa Waterfall

For those of you who want to visit a waterfall, then you can try this one tourist destination. Pancakarsa Waterfall is one of the natural attractions that you can stop by before leaving Pohuwato. However, it is very unfortunate that access and facilities to get to this one place are not supportive. Though this waterfall has a beautiful charm and deserves to be visited.

Location : Panca Karsa, Kec. Taluditi, Kab. Pohuwato.


Those are 10 tourist attractions in Puhowato Regency that are interesting for you to visit. Starting from sea and hill tours, of course, it will make your vacation even more enjoyable. For that, you can visit and enjoy the tour while in this one area. The reason is, it would be a shame to miss a tour that will spoil your eyes while in this one area.

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