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12 Best Hotels for Staycation in Bogor in 2022

JalanJalanMen! - In the midst of a pandemic, a staycation can be a solution for those of you who want to take a vacation but stay safe and can maintain health protocols.

With a staycation , you don't need to interact with many people, can keep your distance, stay away from crowds, but still get a pleasant holiday atmosphere.

Well, for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings who want a staycation, Bogor can be an interesting destination.

In addition to the cool air and natural scenery that refreshes the eyes, Bogor has many good hotels which are the main attraction for Jakarta residents who want to take a break from their routine. 

So, to make your staycation in Bogor enjoyable, here are the best hotels and inns for a staycation in Bogor.

Hotel Staycation Bogor for a Short Vacation

1. Forest Ecolodge

Leuweung Geledegan Ecolodge is a hotel with a glamping concept. What is glamping? Glamping is an abbreviation of glamor camping, which means you can get a return to nature like camping, without the need to sacrifice the comfort of a hotel. 

This hotel is perfect for releasing stress thanks to its beautiful environment. Plus, the scenery is very beautiful. There is a choice of rooms with a capacity of 2-6 people.

Price Range : Rp.1,200,000.00 – Rp.1,850,000.00

2. Horizon Ultima Bhuvana Ciawi

Hotel Horison Ultima Bhuvana can also be your choice for a staycation. Again, the natural scenery offered at this hotel is also very beautiful. The problem of automatic work disappears for a moment, deh, while enjoying the view. 

For those of you who are married and have children, there are also many unique facilities where your children can play such as mini golf, mini zoo and outbound.

Price Range: IDR 522,750.00 – IDR 2,081,000.00

3. Aston Sentul Lake & Conference Center

If you choose to staycation at this four-star hotel, you will feel like you are staying in Bali, but with cool weather, Toppers.

Aston Sentul Lake & Conference Center does offer a soothing view and very high quality service.

At this hotel, you can do romantic activities with your partner or just for me time by trying the spa services, reading a book by the pool, walking around the hotel, trying various dishes at the restaurant, or even feeding the swans at the hotel's lake. 

Price Range: IDR 1,300,000 – IDR 2,800,000

4. Pesona Alam Resort & Spa

Pesona Alam Resort & Spa is suitable for those of you who want a staycation in Bogor. Because, in addition to having various types of rooms that you can choose according to your needs and desires, the view from each room directly to the mountains makes your experience waking up in the morning extra enjoyable. 

The location, which has stunning natural views and the choice of a design that is dominated by wood and earthy colors , will lift the fatigue that has existed while living in the city and will make you more relaxed.

Price Range: IDR 750,000 – IDR 2,500,000

5. Plataran Puncak Villa

Among other lodgings, Plataran Puncak Villa is one with the most “private” location and layout.

There are four types of villas, namely Grand Narendra, Sasmaya, Ingrida, and Anandita. You can order only one room or even one villa, you know, Toppers.

This place is perfect for those of you who want to staycation alone away from the crowds, or with a large family and blend with nature. The view from this villa is towards Mount Gede and Pangrango.

Apart from gazing at the mountains, you can also relax in the gazebo and private swimming pool, or take part in the fun nature activities offered by Plataran. Coming home from here, you will definitely feel refreshed and inspired again!

Price Range: IDR 2,500,000 – IDR 37,800,000

6. Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort and Golf

If previously there were several inns that offered hotels with designs that blend with nature, this time there is Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort and Golf—a five-star hotel that has modern and elegant room designs.

The facilities at this hotel are also not kidding, very good quality and fun!

If you stay here, it will feel like you really are on vacation out of town, even though you only go to Bogor.

You can do many activities such as playing golf on a very large golf course and swimming in a large pool with a direct view of the mountain, and many more.

Price Range: IDR 1,700,000 – IDR 4,000,000

7. Citra Cikopo Hotel

Citra Cikopo Hotel is an accommodation that is perfect for your staycation choice.

The beauty of the surrounding environment, traditional designs in rooms and hotels with a beautiful rustic touch, make your stay experience more relaxing. This hotel is also suitable as a place for family vacation events. 

Just like lodging in Bogor in general, you can also get access to views of the mountains while relaxing by the pool. Citra Cikopo Hotel room rates per night are also quite affordable.

Price Range: Rp. 750,000 – IDR 1,800,000

8. JSI Resort

At night, the view of JSI Resort is very beautiful. You can enjoy beautiful yellow lights decorating each lodging unit, combined with window panes and natural elements around it.

The rooms offered are varied, with an unquestionable level of comfort.

With low prices, you get complete facilities and satisfying services.

If you want a staycation with your children and family, don't worry, because JSI Resort provides various facilities that can be used for family activities, such as toy cars, children's playground, and swimming pool. 

Price Range: IDR 470,000 – IDR 4,619,000

9. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort

Besides being cool and beautiful, Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort also offers various facilities such as a spa, kids indoor area, gym, and even the hotel also provides bicycles that you can take around the area around the hotel. 

If you stay here, your staycation will feel relaxed and you can still be active in doing the many activities you want.  

Price Range: IDR 1,450,000 – IDR 3,600,000

10. Jambuluwuk Ciawi Boutique Resort

Next is Jambuluwuk Ciawi Boutique Resort, which is in the same area with Taman Safari Indonesia and Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB).

If you want a staycation and continue to visit Taman Safari on one of your holidays, this inn is the right choice for you.

With buildings that are dominated by wood and the surrounding area is full of trees, your staycation is guaranteed to feel very beautiful and relaxing. 

Price Range: Rp. 1,000,000 – IDR 4,700,000

11. Lido Lake Resort by MNC Hotel

Lido Lake Resort offers a comfortable staycation experience for you and your partner or family.

The service provided is very good and this inn is very concerned about customer satisfaction and comfort.

This can be seen from the pool which is separated into toddlers, children, and adults. And there's even a vegetarian menu, you know! 

In addition, if you choose to staycation here, there are many fun activities you can do, such as barbecues, picnics in the park, or accompanying children to play in the special children's area. 

Price Range: IDR 1,440,000 – IDR 4,500,000

12. R Hotel Rancamaya

When it comes to lodging in Bogor, surely almost everyone already knows R Hotel Rancamaya.

Just like some other inns, this hotel offers direct views of Mount Pangrango and various other facilities. Rooms at R Hotel Rancamaya have a timeless traditional design.

You can enjoy the fresh Bogor air while relaxing beside a pond surrounded by very beautiful trees. 

Price Range: IDR 1,000,000 – IDR 4,650,000


When choosing a hotel for a staycation in a pandemic situation, of course you need to pay attention to the level of cleanliness and also compliance with health protocols from the hotel.

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