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14 Newest Tourist Attractions in North Gorontalo

JalanJalanMen! - Need a Memorable Vacation? Check the List of Best Tourist Attractions in North Gorontalo. The Current, Newest & Most Hits Natural Tourism Destinations that You Should Visit While on Vacation.

Indonesia is a tropical country with a million beauties that cannot be simply rejected. Its abundant tourist destinations will not make you confused to make a choice. From the west end to the east end stretches the ocean, mountains, waterfalls and other stunning natural charms.

If you intend to go on vacation to Sulawesi Island, North Gorontalo to be precise, the following 10 tourist attractions can be a reference for you to visit.

1. Orange Castle

Not only has stunning natural beauty, North Gorontalo also has historical and cultural tours that cannot be missed. Orange fort is the biggest fort in Gorontalo. The fort was built in 1603 AD by the Portuguese which served to secure and monitor the coastal areas in Gorontalo. Considering that the eastern part of Indonesia was once controlled by the Portuguese.

Now the relic has become a very interesting tourist attraction to visit when you are on vacation to North Gorontalo. Apart from being a historical trail, the natural scenery that is presented is also very interesting. Directly facing the beach, you can enjoy the beach at the same time. Interestingly, this one fort still has a mystery that has not been solved until now. Even had time to carry out excavations to uncover the mystery.

2. Diyonmo Island

If you want to enjoy the view of the beach complete with the hills of Diyunoma Island, this can be an option. This one destination is an uninhabited island and has extraordinary natural charm. Still a natural tourist attraction that has not been visited by many, you will be presented with nature that is still maintained in its beauty. Even though its natural beauty will not make you regret visiting this island.

You will be presented with blue and clear sea water complete with soft white sand. There are green weed hills with beautifully lined coconut trees. You can do various interesting activities on this Diyunoma island. Starting from playing in the water to snorkeling and diving. Because in addition to the beautiful surface, the underwater from the beach is also very rich and stunning. You need to remember if this beach is quiet so you have to prepare carefully.

3. Langge Mangrove Forest

You can also find Mangrove Forests in North Gorontalo which will become an attractive tourist destination. Indeed, this tourist attraction is relatively new, but you will be presented with stunning views. Even this tourist attraction is never empty of visitors and will be increasingly booming ahead of the holidays. There are many things that can be done, one of which is mostly done is taking selfies at the existing spot spots.

4. Bubohu Tourism Village

You can use Bubohu tourist village as an alternative tourist attraction when you go to North Gorontalo. Not only used as religious tourism, the scenery that is served is also very beautiful. Along the way you will be able to see the beauty of Tomini Bay and be greeted with mahogany trees when you arrive. This tourist village has a natural boarding school that is so unique, so you can all study Islam more deeply.

5. Hiyaliyo Da'a . Waterfall

North Gorontalo also has a waterfall that is no less enchanting. Watching the water fall from a height. This waterfall is located in a protected forest area which makes it so beautiful and still awake. To get to this beautiful waterfall you even need the services of a tour guide. In addition to steep dense forests you also have to conquer before seeing its beauty. The water is clear and the cliffs are sturdy will remove all your tiredness.

6. Olele Beach and Marine Park

This Olele Beach will complement the Sulawesi-style marine tourism that is so popular. The underwater beauty of this tourist attraction is so famous. You can see colorful coral reefs with an ecosystem that is still awake. It is called the Olele Marine Park because you will see large sponges and stunning sea caves. This location is perfect for those of you who like diving and snorkeling.

7. Saronde Island

Another beautiful uninhabited island that you can visit is Saronde Island. This island is a paradise for those of you who like activities in the ocean. In fact, many say that its beauty is like the Maldives. The wealth of marine life will invite you to do diving, snorkeling and surfing. The facilities on this island are also quite adequate, you can already find cottages to stay.

8. Otanaha Fortress

One more cultural tour that you can visit is Otahana Fortress which will increase your knowledge. According to residents, this fort is a Portuguese heritage which was built using Maleo bird eggs and other materials. To get to this fort, you have to climb a hill with dozens of stairs. But once you get to the top, you will be presented with a very stunning view.

9. Love Tree Beach

Tree of Love Beach is a very popular tourist attraction in Gorontalo. Besides you can enjoy the beautiful beach scenery, in this place you can also try the typical culinary delights. Mangrove trees scattered on the beach make the atmosphere more shady and beautiful. The facilities on this beach are also quite complete and can do a variety of interesting activities such as snorkeling.

10. Layang Hill

For those of you who want to enjoy the view of the city of Gorontalo from a height, then Bukit Layang can be an option. Visitors can set up a tent to be able to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. The atmosphere around the unspoiled hills will make you reluctant to go home. Releasing stress in this one place is very effective and can make the body relax. Don't forget to document your vacation.

11. Taludaa Waterfall

The next waterfall in Gorontalo that you shouldn't miss is Taludaa Waterfall. In this place there is also a dam made by local residents which makes it even more enchanting. To reach this waterfall, you have to take a journey that is not easy. During the trip you will see the green forest complete with fresh air. Its height which reaches 40 m will treat your tiredness.

12. Lahilote Beach and Park

The panoramic background of the sea with slightly greenish blue water will greet you when you visit this one destination. The beautiful atmosphere because there is a garden with shady trees makes it look unique. You can enjoy the sloping coastline like a bay because it has a concave shape. On the beach there is a stone that looks like a foot called Botu Liyodu Lei Lahilote.

13. Gorontalo City Park

This park is located in the city center which is a green layout and has facilities for recreation. In this place you can enjoy the cool air with lush trees. You can also take advantage of the facilities in the form of free wifi. Besides that, you can also do culinary tours because around the park there are many food vendors. Playground for children is also available in this city park.

14. Botutonuo Beach

This beach is a tourist attraction that you should not miss when on vacation to Gorontalo. Having a row of coconut trees on the edge of the beach further adds to the feel of the beach so thick. This one beach is arguably not too crowded so it is perfect for seeking tranquility. Facilities such as gazebos and others are also adequate to further pamper visitors who are vacationing on this Botutonuo beach


Those are 14 recommendations for tourist attractions in North Gorontalo that are visited by tourists. The beauty of this area is presented from some of the attractions listed in the review. Most of the tourist objects are dominated by marine tourism which is so stunning. But not a few other attractions are also very interesting to visit. Spending vacation time in Gorontalo will get an unforgettable and satisfying holiday experience.

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