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15 Best Camping Places in Bogor

JalanJalanMen! - Camping can be a fun alternative vacation that can be done with friends or family. For those of you who live in Greater Jakarta and West Java, Bogor is one of the best camping destinations .

Not only because the nature of Bogor is still very beautiful, the city of rain is also easy to reach because of its complete access and transportation facilities. No wonder there are so many camping facilities in Bogor that Travellers can find.

Interested in camping in Bogor? Check the following recommendations for the most favorite campsites in Bogor:

Good Camping Place in Bogor

1. D’Jungle Private Camp

Various activities from hiking to tracking , Travellers can do at D'Jungle Private Camp. The air here is still very cool, because of its location at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. From here, Travellers can also track the Curug Kembar waterfall.

2. Griya Sawah Lega

Griya Sawah Lega can be the choice of Travellers who are looking for a view of the rice fields.

For those of you who are looking for a moment of calm, and a vacation from the daily grind, this camping site in Bandung might be perfect for you. Travellers who like sports can also enjoy outbound facilities!

3. Bukit Alas Bandawasa

Travellers do you want to spend the night above the clouds? By camping here, Travellers can enjoy the view of the sparkling city lights of Bogor at night from a height.

Because of the beauty of the scenery, plus the cool air, many people call this place the Land Above the Clouds.

4. Mount Pancar

Mount Pancar is one of the tourist destinations in Bogor which is suitable for Travellers who have an adventurous spirit. The coolness of the pine forest area plus the fresh air makes it one of your favorite camping spots!

Not only can you camp and feel the night closer to nature, in the Mount Pancar Travellers area you can also find natural hot springs that are very soothing, you know!

5. Gunung Mas Argotourism

If the previous camping area gave you the experience of spending the night in a pine forest, at this next Bogor camping site Travellers can enjoy a camping atmosphere in the middle of a tea plantation above an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level.

Argotourism Gunung Mas, which is surrounded by green tea plantations, not only offers the fresh air of the plantations, but also the cold atmosphere typical of the highlands.

No need to worry about the cold because Travellers can light a bonfire to warm the atmosphere while making the camping atmosphere in this place even more romantic.

6. Mount Bunder

The next camping site in Bogor that is no less exciting is the Mount Bunder camp located in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park area. Within this area itself, there are many points of camp location.

One of the most favorite campsites is at Curug Cihurang which offers a refreshing waterfall atmosphere. Not only Curug Cihurang, there is also Curug Cigamea, Curug Ngumen and various other waterfalls that are no less amazing to explore while camping here.

7. Mandalawangi Campground

The Mandalawangi campground is the next alternative camping ground in Bogor that could be your choice.

In this area, Travellers can find a large field that Travellers can use to build tents with other visitors. Surrounded by lush forests and mountains, camping in Mandalawangi can be an alternative activity to refresh the mind.

8. Eagle Hill

Camping does not mean Travellers have to really face the wild nature. There are also several camping sites in Bogor that have been managed in a modern way, complete with supporting facilities, so that Travellers who are beginners in camping need not worry about difficulties. One that Travellers can try to visit is Eagle Hill Camp.

The camping area covering an area of ​​no less than 12 hectares located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level not only has a beautiful and refreshing atmosphere, but is also equipped with various supporting facilities that make it very suitable for gathering , training, and other group activities.

9. Campground Sukamantri

To be able to reach the next camping site in Bogor, it may require a struggle that is not easy because the access is still not very adequate.

However, compared to the natural panorama of the Sumantri camp at the foot of Mount Salak, of course the struggle will pay off.

The campsite in this area is on the plains of a valley where Travellers can enjoy the beautiful panorama of mountains, pine forests, and also rasamala.

This camping site in Bogor is also the right location to enjoy the beautiful sunrise panorama.

10. Citamiang Campground

Located in Kampung Pondok Rawa, Citamiang is another campsite in Bogor that you can try.

In this beautiful area, Travellers can not only camp but also enjoy the thrill of trekking through the forest and also exploring the green tea plantations.

In addition to providing beautiful landscapes, this Bogor camping site has also been equipped with various other facilities that make camping in this place even more exciting.

11. Ciputri Tenjolaya Camp

Another camping site in Bogor that offers the fun of spending the night in the wild is Ciputri Campground. This camping area is not only very natural, but also home to various animals such as the Javan Eagle and monkeys that live freely in the forest.

For Travellers who are adventurous, trekking in this area, Travellers can walk through various beautiful waterfalls such as Curug Putri and Curug Padalarang, or pass through the fresh river flow. However, make sure your physical condition is fit and prime because the trekking route in this area is quite difficult.

12. Riverside Nature Image

From the name alone, Travellers can guess that the next campsite in Bogor is on the bank of a river.

Not only does it give you an overnight experience in a refreshing area, this managed camping location also offers lots of exciting and interesting activities such as outbound , flying fox , rafting , to horseback riding, you know!

13. Kampoeng Awan

Located in the Mega Medung area, Bogor, Kampoeng Awan is the next favorite camping site in Bogor which can be your alternative choice.

One of the favorite areas for camping has been equipped with all the camping facilities that make camping more practical.

14. Eagle Sanctuary

The area in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park does offer some interesting points that Travellers can use as a place to set up tents and spend the night. One of them is in the Eagle Sanctuary, an eagle breeding area within this National Park.

Not only beautiful, the scenery in this area is also very instagramable and suitable for Travellers who have a hobby of nature photography.

15. Alesano Hill

The next alternative for camping in Bogor is in Alesano Hill. This modern camping place not only provides a natural atmosphere but is also famous for its nighttime panorama where Travellers can enjoy the beauty of the sparkling urban lights from a beautiful height.


It turns out that vacations can be filled with activities that are quite interesting and refreshing, such as camping , right? Not only that, the location of Bogor, which is still very affordable, makes various recommendations for camping places in Bogor very suitable for filling your weekends with you and your family.

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