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15 New Tourist Attractions in Palu in 2022

JalanJalanMen! - Want a more Memorable Vacation? This is a list of the best tourist attractions in Palu, Central Sulawesi. The Latest, Current & Hottest Attractions for You to Visit When You Have Vacation Plans.

Confused about spending time with your family or still have not decided which tourist destination you will choose later. There are many tourist destinations, especially those in our own country that can be visited with stunning natural beauty. In fact, many foreign tourists are willing to come all the way to our country to visit and know the natural beauty that Indonesia has. Of course, no less interesting than those abroad, located on the equator, making our country rich in biodiversity.

Likewise, tourism with natural concepts such as the sea, mountains, to the local wisdom that is in it is very charming. It's a pity if you have to choose to spend time with your family going abroad to find tourist attractions that have not been visited. Even though there are still many beautiful local tourist destinations that have not been touched by human hands, such as some natural beauty attractions. There are also many Palu city tours that are no less interesting for us to visit, as below as a reference for traveling in the city of Palu.

1. Palu Bridge

Who does not know the Palu bridge, a bridge that presents a panoramic view of beauty that can spoil the eyes and make us feel at home. This Palu bridge is also known as the yellow bridge, actually it is called the yellow bridge because this bridge is a very bright yellow color. When we stand on the bridge and look to the north, we will see a panoramic view of the charming and towering mountains.

As long as the eye can see we will be presented with a pretty interesting panorama, for sunset or sunrise lovers this place is a good choice. This bridge has a pretty tantalizing view complete in all directions and is equipped with many culinary delights that extend around the unique bridge.

2. Talise Beach

Talise Beach, which has a special view, is located about 2 km to the north of the city of Palu, and has become a tourist destination. This beach stretches from the city of Palu to Donggala, by presenting a panorama and the beauty of a very exotic bay and very enchanting mountains.

We will not be satisfied if we stop at this beautiful place and we will feel at home for a long time to stay on Talise beach. Talise Beach saves a lot of endless natural beauty and this is a relaxing tourist spot in Palu with beautiful panoramic views.

3. Tanjung Karang Beach

Tanjung Karang Beach is one of the tourist destinations located in Southeast Sulawesi with a distance of approximately 1 hour. To come to the location, you can travel by land using a 2-wheeled vehicle or using a car from the city of Palu to Donggala.

Along the way, we will find a stretch of white sand where the sea water is clear and blue as if to spoil the eyes when crossing the road. This beach every day many tourists, especially on holidays that are endless to visit a place that presents beauty.

4. Lutungan Island

Palu is very beautiful and one of the islands not far from Toli-toli is Lutungan Island. This island, has its own uniqueness to be visited both as a tourist destination because it has white sandy beaches and clear waters. Plus the population of coral reefs which is very rich decorated with various types of colorful fish, becomes an amazing sight for you lovers of marine tourism.

Lutungan Island apart from having a beautiful natural panorama, also has its own historical value. On this island there is also the tomb of the king of Toli-Toli whose name is Syaefudin Bantilan. This island is also considered sacred because of the myths that have been passed down from generation to generation by the local community. So it is not uncommon for people from various walks of life to visit this place in order to visit the King's tomb pilgrimage.

5. Pasoso Island

Palu City is an alternative tourist destination that is interesting for you to visit. Having a mountainous and highland landscape, this area is also flanked by the Makassar Strait and Tomini Bay. One of the natural tourism potentials in Central Sulawesi is Pasoso Island, an island that is very famous for its green turtle population, located on the west coast of Donggala Regency.

Pasoso Island is a small island with an area of ​​no more than 64 hectares, however, on this island you can find a fairly complete beauty. From sunrise to sunset it has a charming charm, clean white sand beaches decorated with coconut trees, clear sea water.

6. Pusentasi

Pusentasi is a naturally formed giant well with a diameter of 10 meters and a depth of 7 meters as for the origin of this place. The origin is that the name Pusentasi in Kaili language comes from the words "Pusen" which means Center and "Tasi" which means Sea. The water in it tastes salty like sea water and is clear bluish in color this place is still completely unspoiled. Pusentasi tourist attractions are certainly very interesting to visit with their natural beauty that is able to hypnotize every visitor to explore nature.

The center of the underground beach is very charming and unique around the walls in this place in colorful paint with interesting colors. Swimming in the center requires special skills because the water is deep, but this place also has stairs to go up. Not only that, this Center is also believed to be able to cure skin diseases and it is not surprising that many places are visited by many.

7. Nosarara Nosabatutu Monument

The Nosarara Nosabatutu Monument is a three-story building located at the front of this 800 square meter tourist complex, which is interesting to visit. The Nosarara Nosabatutu Monument is a magnificent three-story building located at the front of this 800 square meter tourist complex. At the top of the building stands the Peace Monument as a symbol of the spirit of brotherhood and unity. "Nosarara Nosabatutu" itself comes from the Kaili language.

The indigenous people of Central Sulawesi, which means “We are Brothers, We are United”, this motto is also a unifier for the diversity of the people of Central Sulawesi. This diversity consists of various tribes and adherents of different religions and respect each other. With this monument, it is hoped that the community or the surrounding population can maintain peace properly and prosperously so as to create peace. It's not complete if you don't visit this monument if you come to the city of Palu for a tour which is located in the green hills.

8. Lore Lindu National Park

The maleo captive tourism object, an endemic animal on the island of Sulawesi, is located in Saluki Village, Gumbasa District, Sigi Regency, and Lake Tambing in Sedoa Village, North Lore District, Poso Regency. The two tourism objects in the last three years have received priority attention from the TNLL management to attract many tourists, especially foreign tourists.

This place has the beauty of beautiful natural tourism with an attractive panorama that can spoil the eyes. Various facilities and infrastructure at the two tourist sites, which are now starting to be visited by many tourists, continue to be adequately addressed.

9. Lake Lewuto

Vacationing to the Palu area in Central Sulawesi is a pleasant experience by visiting tourist attractions in the form of beaches, lakes, bays, mountains and even around the city. Lately, the area in the middle of the island of Celebes is so amazing its tourism development.

If you depart from Jakarta, the direct flight to Palu only takes 2 hours. The dominance of flights is also more if you transfer to South Sulawesi. Hence, many visitors make one route between visiting tourist attractions in Makassar and those in Palu, Central Sulawesi.

10. Mount Gawalise

Located at an altitude of about 2,023 above sea level, Mount Gawalise is the next tourist attraction in Palu that Toppers can visit. In addition to the residence of the Da'a tribe, this tourist spot in Central Sulawesi is also often a place for climbing and observing flora and fauna.

On this mountain, you can also find edelweiss flowers, which makes the adventure here even more interesting. Mount Dawalise is an attractive tourist destination with beautiful tourist locations.

11. Togean Islands

Many do not know that in Central Sulawesi there is a very beautiful island. This island is located in Tomini Bay which is the largest bay in Indonesia. Togean Island has been inaugurated by the government as a National Park (Togean Islands National Park) in 2004.

Similar to Bunaken Island, the Togean Islands are known for their rich coral reefs which are the center of the diversity of flora and fauna around the world. And there are also various rare and protected marine biota. Coral reefs in the Togean Islands are rich in marine biodiversity with 4 types of coral reefs, namely fringing reefs, barrier reefs, patch reefs and atolls.

12. Mount Matantimali

Enjoying the best sunsets can be enjoyed at many tourist attractions in Central Sulawesi. One of the suitable tourist attractions to see the beautiful sunrise is at the top of Mount Matantimali.

Tourist attractions in Sigi Regency are very interesting tourist attractions and not only local tourists who visit this tourist destination but also foreign tourists. The peak of Mount Matantimali is the main attraction for the city of Palu and waiting for the night in the afternoon will give you such beautiful memories.

13. Souraja Tour

Want to experience what it was like to live in the king's house in the past? Get that experience by visiting Souraja. The houses of kings who used to rule locally in the Central Sulawesi area.

Designed using ironwood and spinach wood with a triangular roof, this house has become a quite interesting cultural tourist spot. This place is also often visited by tourists who come to this place for sightseeing.

14. Central Sulawesi Museum

The Central Sulawesi Museum stores various collections ranging from ancient elephants, information and documentation of the life of the people of Central Sulawesi in the past. For some people, visiting museums is not the main choice of destination to fill their spare time. There are some people in Indonesia who associate museums as less attractive.

Apart from being a place of education, this museum is also a place that can make you as part of the Indonesian people aware of their national identity. The Central Sulawesi Museum, which is located in Palu, offers a variety of knowledge that can make tourists know more about the history and culture of Indonesia, especially the history and culture of Central Sulawesi .

15. Lake Poso Tour

Lake Poso is one of the tourist icons of Palu City, Lake Poso is where you will be presented with amazing landscapes and a calming atmosphere. Tourist Destinations in Palu are also famous for their stunning sunset views.

Tourist destinations in Poso, namely mountains, large lakes and terraced waterfalls also have megalithic sites. In Lake Poso, there is also a lot of history that may not be explored too much, but the beauty of this place is able to spoil the eyes of every visitor.


Those are the various choices of tourist destinations in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi that are worthy for you to visit when visiting this city.

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