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5 Favorite Waterfalls Near Makassar City

JalanJalanMen! - Makassar is one of the cities in South Sulawesi that is interesting to visit. Makassar has a variety of tourist attractions, both natural attractions. One of the right natural attractions to relieve fatigue is waterfall tours. The gurgling of clear water will certainly make the mind more calm.

Want to visit the best waterfall in Makassar City? Let's see the review below.

1. Messege Falls

This waterfall is located in the Maros area, precisely in the Batumurung area. The waterfall here is quite unique. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall on the sidelines of the cliff next to the Meddege waterfall. The natural beauty that is still beautiful coupled with the cool air can certainly provide a pleasant holiday experience. Here you can also play in clear water and take selfies with waterfalls in the background.

You also don't have to worry about the entrance fee for this tour. Because you will only be charged a parking fee for vehicles brought to the location. This waterfall can be reached by going through the road to the Camba District. If you are visiting from the Maros area, the trip will take about one hour. After arriving at the parking lot, you have to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the Meddege waterfall.

2. Biroro Falls

It is called the Biroro waterfall because the location of this tourist spot is in the village of Biroro. Here you will be presented with a view of the waterfall that makes your mind more calm. You will find natural beauty that is still beautiful when you are on this tour. But to get to this tourist spot, you have to pass several inclines. Because the road access is a bit difficult, you should be more careful.

The journey to Biroro Waterfall can be reached from the city of Malino. The distance between the city of Malino and this tourist spot is about two kilometers. Arriving at Biroro village, you have to do trekking to get to the location of the waterfall. The journey from Biroro village to the waterfall is about 200 meters. To enjoy the view of Biroro waterfall, you will not be charged or free. However, for those of you who bring your own vehicle, you are required to pay for a parking space.

This waterfall has a height of about 15 meters. In addition to the waterfall, there are many expanses of rock around it. Although there has been no development on this tour, the beauty of the unspoiled scenery is the main attraction for tourists. With its location away from the crowds, it is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

3. Waterfall Meets Match

Hearing his name, I'm very unique, isn't it? Not only is the name unique, the view of this waterfall is also quite unique. If for the most part, waterfalls only have one level, then the waterfall meets a soul mate has two levels. Named the waterfall meets a soul mate because this is the place where someone meets their soul mate. In the story of the local community, a young man named Karaeng found his future wife in this waterfall.

Waterfall tourism to meet a soul mate is located in Majannang Village, Parigi District, Gowa Regency. You can visit this tourist spot by car. In order to get to this location, you can take the route from Takapala Waterfall. The trip to the Ketemu Jodoh waterfall tour takes about one hour.

For ticket problems, you don't need to worry because this tour is very safe in the pocket. Entrance tickets to this waterfall, visitors will be charged a very affordable fee. Tourists who come from outside the city sometimes choose to stay overnight, if they feel that continuing the journey will feel tiring. Not far from this waterfall, there are several villas that are indeed provided for visitors who want to stay with prices starting from IDR 150.000

4. Saukang Lembang Waterfall

Previously, this waterfall was called a seven-level waterfall, because it has seven levels. It's a unique waterfall view is not it? However, unfortunately after the flood that hit this place, the waterfall which was originally seven levels changed its arrangement to three levels. Finally the name of the waterfall changed to Saukang Lembang waterfall. Even so, the view of the waterfall here is still beautiful.

The location of this tourist spot is in Sinjai Regency. More precisely, it is located in Saukang Village, Sinjai Regency. Being one of the favorite destinations, this waterfall is often a destination for tourists. If you travel from the city of Sinjai, the trip to Saukang Village takes about 45 minutes. To visit this tour, you can ride a motorbike or car from the city of Sinjai.

Not only the natural scenery is stunning to the eye, the entrance ticket to this location is also very pocket friendly. Even classified as free of charge. However, visitors will be charged a parking fee when bringing a vehicle, either a motorbike or a car. Of course, the cost of parking a motorbike is more expensive than the cost of parking a motorbike. But the price of parking fees here is also standard, so you don't have to worry.

5. Lembanna Waterfall

The Gowa area is indeed famous for its natural beauty, including the Lembanna waterfall. This waterfall is located in a mountainous area, precisely on the slopes of Mount Bawakeraengini. Because of its location in a mountainous area, it's no wonder that the scenery here is still beautiful, as well as the cool air. This waterfall is also often used as the final resting place of Mount Bawakeraengini climbers.

This waterfall is known as a resting place for people who have finished climbing the mountain. Here they can bathe, fill water or just relax. For those of you who want to visit this tourist spot, you can take the route to the top of Bawakeraengini, after that stop at Lembanna Village. For those of you who also want to climb, the direction is to follow the road.

However, for those of you who do not intend to climb the mountain, then you can take the left direction to arrive at the Lembanna waterfall. Don't worry about the entrance fee to this tourist spot, because you will be free of charge or free. If you want to stay in the surrounding area, you can spend the night in a place that has been provided by the local community. Or you can also build a tent if you want to camp here.


Those are some waterfalls around Makassar that you can visit. Natural tourism waterfalls here have beautiful views and are still beautiful. The air around it is quite cool. In addition, the price of admission here is very affordable, even some are free from the entrance fee. There may be a parking fee for those who bring a vehicle. How, are you interested in visiting one of the waterfalls in Makassar.

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