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5 Waterparks in Makassar

JalanJalanMen! - Makassar is the capital city of South Sulawesi which is famous for having many tourist attractions. One of the tourist attractions in this area that is interesting to visit while on vacation is a playground. Especially if the vacation time is in the dry season with sunny weather that often makes it stifling. By visiting water tourism, the body will feel fresher.

Curious about the water rides in Makassar which are crowded with tourists? Let's see the review below.

1. Bugis Waterpark

This playground is the largest waterpark in Makassar, equipped with a variety of interesting rides to try. In addition to a large swimming pool and a fun playground, there are several supporting facilities such as a prayer room, gazebo, toilet, food court, first aid kit and lockers to store things. This tourist spot is open Monday-Sunday, so you can visit it any day.

This Air Wisat is located in Bukit Baruga Housing, Jalan Sector Mahameru No. 1, Makassar, Antang, Manggala. The opening hours are usually from 09.00 to 18.00 WIT. The entry ticket is pegged differently depending on the day. If you visit on Monday to Friday, then the entrance fee is set at around IDR 150 thousand. While on Saturdays the entrance ticket costs IDR 180 thousand and the most expensive Sunday is IDR 200 thousand.

However, there are some rules that must be obeyed by visitors so that their safety is maintained. Although there is a professional rescue team that looks after if there is an accident while playing. In enjoying outbound such as aquatube, freefall, multi slide, backhole, body slide, freefall, multi slide, blackhole, body slide and rafting slide. Among them, the visitor's body has a minimum height of 130 cm with a weight of about 100 kg.

2. Gowa Discovery Waterpark

Tired of the usual water rides? You can visit Gowa Discovery Waterpark. In addition to the swimming pool, there are also several playgrounds here, such as an outbound area and a bird park. It is very suitable if you are on vacation with children. In addition, the water here is also very clear and quite cold. It's perfect if you visit it when the weather is sunny and hot

This water play location is located on Jalan Tumanurung Benteng, Barombong, Somba Opu, Gowa Regency. Having an area of ​​7.2 hectares, of course you will be satisfied playing in the water in this place. This tour is also one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting the city of Makassar. You can also rent a life jacket provided by the tour manager.

The problem of the price of admission to this tour, there are many choices. The price depends on which area will be visited. For example, if you visit a bird park, an additional fee will be charged. However, you don't have to worry about the entrance fee. Ticket prices here will not drain your pocket. By visiting it with friends and family, of course, your vacation will be more enjoyable.

3. Takalar Beach Waterboom

This water ride is still relatively new. However, spending vacation time here is certainly very pleasant. Because in addition to playing in the water, you can also enjoy the amazing natural scenery. There are two natural views that you can enjoy, including the sea view which has blue water and the green meadow view. Surely your vacation is getting more amazing right?

Not only the beautiful view and the swimming pool which has clear water. The facilities on this tour are also quite complete. There is a cafe that can be visited after you are satisfied playing water and swimming in the pool. Some of the gazebos provided around the swimming pool can be used as a resting place when visitors are lazy swimming. You will also have no trouble finding a place to stay if you really need a place to spend the night.

If you want to visit this tour, you can find it in Takalar Regency. Takaral Beach Waterboom is located in Topejawa, Menara Bombang, Takalar Regency. Don't worry if this tour is closed, because Takaral Beach Waterboom is open every day. But for hours instead of just opening at 07.00 and usually closed in the afternoon at 18.00 WITA. So make sure you visit it at that time.

4. Maros Waterpark

If you are looking for a swimming pool that is not too wide? Then this one water ride is perfect for your vacation. Having an area that is far different from swimming pools in general, this place will make it easier for you to enjoy with the people closest to you. Not only is the water clear and the slides are fun, the atmosphere here is also very shady and beautiful.

If you are someone who likes a challenge, here there are also outbound rides and rafting. Many shady trees around this place make the atmosphere of this place cooler, so enjoying playing in the water is more fun. Guaranteed you will be more comfortable to spend time here. If you want to visit this place, you can find it in Poros Maros-Soppong, Samangki, Simbang, Maros Regency.

5. Waterboom Pinrang

This water tourism location is located in the Pinrang area, precisely on Basuki Rahmat street, Macrowalie, Watang Sawitto, Pinrang. This water ride is a waterpark belonging to the Pinrang Resort police, but the general public can visit this place as long as they pay the entrance fee charged. In addition, the fee for the entrance ticket is also not expensive so it will not drain your pocket. The facilities in this place are also quite complete for visitors.

Clear water pool, slides and several gazebos around the pool. Enjoying the sensation of fresh water when the weather is hot, of course, very fun, right? Especially if you visit it with your family, it is guaranteed that the holiday will be even more exciting. Besides being able to swim to your heart's content, you can also enjoy karaoke facilities for free. More interesting right? Don't forget to visit it when you are in Makassar.

This tourist location is very easy to find, you can also visit it using google maps if you are confused. The area of ​​this swimming pool is about 2,450 meters so you can freely enjoy the freshness of the swimming pool here. To visit this place you can use a car or motorbike to make it easier. However, you can also go here by using public transportation. Don't forget to bring some toiletries to make it easier for you when you finish swimming.


Those are some of the recommended water attractions in Makassar to visit. Clear water with a variety of complete facilities of course make the holiday more enjoyable. The various rides available also make your vacation more exciting. If you visit Makassar, don't forget to stop by one of the water rides above. Don't forget to invite your family or friends to enjoy water rides in Makassar.

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