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7 The Best Beach in Gorontalo in 2022

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Gorontalo, dubbed the city of the Veranda of Medina, can be said to be a city that holds a million charms. This is evidenced by the many attractions in Gorontalo which have their own uniqueness and beauty.

One of the attractions that should not be missed when you go to Gorontalo is the sea. Even the beaches in Gorontalo are already famous to foreign tourists. The following is a review of the beaches that hit in Gorontalo.

1. Diyonumo Island Beach

The beach on the island of Diyonumo is a beach that you should not miss. This one island is actually an uninhabited island. In addition, this island is also still not many who visit so its beauty is still maintained until now. This virgin island certainly has a beauty that cannot be ignored. Although this island still does not have adequate facilities, its beauty will amaze you.

Some visitors who have stopped by choose to camp while burning fish at night. Traveling around the island is also an activity that many visitors like. Not infrequently there will be fishermen who stop by to offer their catch. If you want to enjoy a more amazing view, you can climb the hill. To get to Diyonumo island you have to take a long land and sea journey.

Location : Deme Village, Kec. East Sumalata, Kab. North Gorontalo.

2. Mohupomba Beach

If you want to explore the sea from Gorontalo even further, you can visit Mohupomba Beach. This beach has a stretch of white sand that is very tempting to play on it. Visiting this beautiful beach, you will find the uniqueness of a sand island that will only be seen in the morning and evening. This is of course a very unique natural phenomenon and you must see it with your own eyes.

Not only has clear water with soft white sand, you will also be amazed by the underwater beauty. So that visiting Mohupomba beach will not be satisfied if you don't all do snorkeling activities. The coral reefs that are still preserved complete with beautiful fish will be an amazing experience. When else can you enjoy the beauty of the beach that is still beautiful, right?

Location : Tenilo, Kec. Tilamuta, Kab. Boalemo.

3. Love Island Beach

This one island is excellent if you talk about marine tourism. In fact, many say its beauty is equivalent to the Maldives. Its marine exoticism will provide an unforgettable holiday experience. The thick nuance of romance makes this place a destination for honeymooners. There are 15 unique cottages that surround this Love Island. And enjoying the sea view when you wake up is the best.

Not only cottages, you will also be served with clear water complete with white sand. The underwater scenery is also not to be missed. Activities such as diving to snorkeling are the most frequently done by visitors. Although it is often used as a location for a honeymoon, it does not mean that a family vacation is not suitable. You can still enjoy the beauty of Cinta Island with your loved ones.

Location : Patoameme, Kec. Botumoito, Kab. Boalem

4. Bolihutuo Beach

Bolihutuo Beach is located about 120 km from the center of Gorontalo City which directly faces Tomini Bay. This beach is also known as Boalemo Indah beach. This one beach not only has a dazzling beauty, but is also famous among local and foreign tourists. You will find soft white sand with pine and palm trees lining this beautiful beach and can be used as a shelter.

The water owned by this beach is very clear and tends to be greenish making it look so fresh. On this one beach you can do various interesting activities ranging from playing sand to snorkeling. There are also water sports facilities that can be used to make your vacation more enjoyable. The facilities at Bolihutuo beach can be said to be complete and adequate. You can even find cottages and restaurants.

Location : Jl. Trans Sulawesi, Bolihutuo, Kec. Botumoito, Kab. Benefits.

5. Langala Beach

This one beach will provide a vacation experience enjoying the sea that you will not forget. The combination of blue sea water with white sand that spreads out will be the first sight you see. With clear and fresh water you can swim or snorkel to enjoy it. Even just playing in the water or running in the sand will also be a fun activity.

In addition, you can also visit the mangrove forest which is still virgin and is much hunted by tourists. To visit this beautiful beach, visitors can use land or sea transportation. Although to achieve it requires a struggle but you will not be disappointed with the panorama on offer. Many even make Langala Beach an alternative that will continue to be developed by the local government.

Location : Tabongo, Kec. Dulupi, Kab. Boalemo.

6. Kurenai Beach

The next beach attraction in Gorontalo that should not be missed is Kurenai Beach. Korenai Beach is one of the beaches which is located not too far from Gorontalo city center. Making it easier for visitors or tourists to reach it. Naturally, this beach is so popular and never empty of visitors. Especially in the holiday season, Kurenai beach will be visited by visitors from various regions.

You will be presented with wide white sand that spoils your sense of sight. Not to mention the water is fairly clear and calm so you can play water to your heart's content. On Kurenai beach, there are rocks that are perfect for taking selfies. Besides that, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset which will make you fascinated by its beauty. With this beauty, it is natural that it is always crowded with visitors.

Location: Botubarani, Kec. Kabila Bone, Kab. Bone Bolango.

7. Saronde Island

Saronde Island can be said as a hidden paradise in Gorontalo that will give you amazing views. Indeed, this island is not widely known even though in the 90s this one beach was so famous. Not surprising considering that Saronde Island has very clean white sand. Coupled with the sea water is so clear that the combination is so charming. In the middle is a wooden bridge that spans.

As long as you visit this beautiful island, you can explore the shores which will also be fun. Enjoying the breeze with beautiful views will certainly make your body relax. If you are a person who likes to enjoy underwater scenery, then you should not miss snorkeling on this island. Because you will be presented with coral reefs and exotic fish. On the island of Saronde also has adequate facilities in addition to cottages.

Location: Saronde Ponelo Kepulauan, Moluo, Kec. Kwandang, Kab. North Gorontalo.


Those are 7 beach recommendations in Gorontalo that are visited by tourists. Gorontalo has always had its own way of making tourists pampered. Its marine wealth deserves thumbs up and makes your holiday destination. It will definitely be a vacation you will never forget. Especially if you are traveling with loved ones. For those of you who are marine fans, there is nothing wrong with making one of these beaches your vacation destination. Moreover, there are some that are still untouched

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