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7 Exotic Islands in Makassar Can Be The Best Tourist Destinations

JalanJalanMen! - Maritime tourism in Indonesia seems to never run out of offering stunning beauty. Makassar, which is one of the cities in South Sulawesi, has several hidden paradises with beautiful marine tourism. For those of you who are planning a vacation, there is nothing wrong with exploring the small islands in Makassar which have exotic views. Check out the following reviews.

1. Kodingareng Keke Island

Kodingareng Keke Island is an uninhabited island that has a hidden paradise-like beauty. Indeed, initially this island was not widely known until now it has become an island that can be used as a mainstay tourist attraction in Makassar. Even the tourists are not only Indonesian citizens themselves but from foreign countries as well. Because the water is clear, it's no wonder if this marine tourism is subscribed to as a place for diving and snorkeling.

The underwater beauty that this island has to offer will spoil the eyes because there are quite a lot of corals and marine life. To reach the island of Kodingareng Keke, it takes about 40 minutes to travel by motorized boat. This boat can be rented at several docks with various tickets. If you go with a group, it will be more comfortable if you rent one boat at a time to enjoy the beauty of this island.

Location : Ujung Tanah, P. Kondingareng, Kec. Ujung Tanah, Makassar City.

2. Langkai Island

Makassar also has beautiful islands such as Langkai Island which covers an area of ​​up to 27 hectares. Its wide and beautiful coral reefs have succeeded in making this island have an undeniable charm. The coral reefs are even well-maintained, so many people come to dive or snorkel. Some also use Langkai Island to find fish by fishing.

To reach this island you of course have to cross using a lifeboat with prices starting at Rp. 750 thousand. You can also stay on Langkai Island because the facilities here are quite complete. By staying, of course, you can get a closer look at the lives of fishermen and boat craftsmen. If you're in Makassar, there's nothing wrong with visiting this beautiful island.

Location : Lake, Kec. Noah, Kab. East Luwu.

3. Kapoposang Island

The best diving spot in Makassar can be said if Kapoposang Island is one of them. You can get to this island via Paotere Harbor. The attraction of this island is of course its marine beauty that has managed to steal the attention of tourists from various countries. Enjoying the sunset on this island is also a list of activities that cannot be missed. Not to mention the underwater charm that will amaze you.

There are 14 diving spots on this island that you can explore for an unforgettable diving experience. You can even experience diving with sharks at Shark Point. Kopoposang Island is also the natural habitat of the very beautiful hawksbill turtle. The facilities offered on Kapoposang Island are also quite complete. Even though it's far from the city, you can still stay on this island.

Location : Mattitoujung, Kec. Liukang Tuppabiring, Kab. Pangkep.

4. Tinabo Island

One more island that should not be missed in its beauty in South Sulawesi. Tinabo Island is often dubbed the island that rivals the Maldives. The beach on this island has soft white sand when it touches the feet and has been named the number 3 largest atoll island in the world. Tinabo Island is located in the Taka Bonerate National Park, Selayar, South Sulawesi. The beauty of the rock makes scuba divers be pampered on this island.

Besides being famous for the beauty of its corals or atolls, Tinabo Island has an extraordinary sunset beauty. The serene island is very effective to expel all your tired and tired from the busyness. Having a length of 1.5 km the beauty of this island will spoil all your senses. So interested in visiting this beautiful island?

Location : Tinabo Island, Kec. Takabonerate, Kab. Selayar Islands.

5. Lae Lae Island

Lae Lae Island is also not inferior in presenting stunning marine views. This island is close to the location of Losari beach which is also widely recommended as a holiday destination. Lae Lae Island is an inhabited island with adequate facilities. It's no wonder that many visit it with accommodations that are fairly friendly for backpackers.

Spending vacation time by doing activities related to the beach will certainly throw away all fatigue. This island is quite close to the center of Makassar because it only takes about 1.5 km. Diving and snorkeling activities can also be done on Lae Lae Island which has clear water. If you do not bring diving equipment you can easily rent it on this island.

The beauty of the sunset on the island of Lae Lae is truly amazing. The calm waves will also make your vacation even more memorable. The shape of this island itself can be said to be unique because it is rectangular with a wave barrier wall that stretches. This happened because the island of Lae Lae was used as a defense area during the Japanese colonial era. There are also many interesting activities that can be done here.

Location : Lae-Lae, Kec. Ujung Pandang, Makassar City.

6. Panambungan Island

The next marine tourism destination is located in Pangkep Regency which can be reached via Paotere airport. The marine panorama offered is truly enchanting, complete with soft white sand. The clear blue sea water will spoil your eyes when you set foot on the island of Panambungan. You can also find pine trees on this island and can be said to be unique because these plants usually grow on high land.

In addition to peeking at its enchanting underwater beauty, you can also spend time camping. Given the distance that is quite far from Makassar, many people choose to spend the night camping. You can enjoy the moment of sunset and sunrise if you choose to stay on Panambungan Island. Don't forget to enjoy the coral reefs with calm and comfortable waves.

Location : Mattiro Sompe, Kec. Liukang Tupabiring, Kab. Pangkep.

7. Samalona Island

Your marine tourism trip is not over because Samalona Island is no less interesting for you to stop by. This island is located close to Kodingareng Keke Island which takes about 1 hour to cross. Samalona Island is an inhabited island very different from the island of Kodingareng Keke. However, this island is still a favorite to spend holidays enjoying the underwater beauty.

Snorkeling and diving activities are still a favorite activity for visitors. Because it is already inhabited, you can get adequate facilities ranging from lodging to food and beverage vendors. You can even try out water sports facilities such as banana boats to get your adrenaline pumping. The beautiful scenery with complete facilities makes Samalona Island more crowded.

Location : Samalona, ​​Kec. Wajo, Makassar City.


Marine tourism for some people is so boring. Just play water or do snorkeling as an activity to do. Even though marine tourism will provide an unforgettable experience, especially if you go with loved ones. These various islands in Makassar will be your inspiration to spend a pleasant holiday. Moreover, its natural charm is very exotic and charming

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