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7 Tips Airport Hacks For Traveller

7 Tips Airport Hacks For Traveller

JalanJalanMen! - Anyone who has ever flown knows that you often spend hours at the airport. Here are some airport hacks to help you get to your destination faster and use the waiting time effectively and entertainingly.

Long queues at the check-in counter, at security and at boarding prolong the journey. Sometimes it is even necessary to stay overnight at the airport. There are many reasons why complications can arise. Here you will find the best tips from flight professionals. We'll also tell you which little tricks are worth their weight in gold at the airport and on the flight itself.

Airport hacks: 7 tips from the pros

Tip #1 – Only travel with hand luggage

Queuing at the baggage claim takes a lot of time and nerves. You elegantly avoid this extra queue by only traveling with hand luggage. There is a standard size and maximum weight for hand luggage for most major airlines.

Also, since 9/11, there have been some rules about what is and isn't allowed in carry-on luggage . The best thing to do is to check the website of the respective airline for details to be on the safe side. However, one thing is certain: Most luggage is simply unnecessary. Only take the minimum with you and the things that you certainly cannot buy at the holiday destination.

Tip #2 – Park mobile, stay mobile

Another trick at the airport is not to park in the public airport car park because the fees are very high. However, there are better ways to park your car safely at almost all airports. At Hanover Airport, for example, travelers can park well at one of five cheap parking providers.

Once your car is safely in the parking lot, look out for a luggage trolley. They are usually chargeable, but are often simply parked somewhere by travelers in a hurry and you can grab it for free. In the arrivals area in particular, you often find what you are looking for quickly!

Tip #3 - Onion look for the flight

Who doesn't know it - summer time, vacation time. In your mind you are already getting off in La Palma and less than an hour later you are lying on the beach at 35° Celsius. It's not surprising that you're boarding the plane in a breezy summer outfit. But beware! The temperatures on the plane are anything but summery.

On the contrary, the temperatures on the plane always fluctuate considerably. It is therefore important to dress warmly enough. Vacationers often catch cold on the outward flight and spend their days off with a cold or even worse symptoms in the hotel room.

It doesn't have to be, so dress in onion look. The bottom layer should be adapted to the holiday destination, followed by long-sleeved shirts, pullovers and the like. Thin scarves have also proven their worth in order to avoid the cold caused by drafty air conditioning.

Tip #4 – Plan enough time and queue on the left

One of the most common and at the same time most serious mistakes is too tight a time limit. This only creates unnecessary, burdensome stress and in the worst case you can even miss your flight. Therefore, it is best to drive to the airport at least an hour earlier than is theoretically necessary. If everything goes smoothly, you will at least have enough time to relax and have a coffee in the airport bistro or treat yourself to a small souvenir in the duty-free shop.

Another clever trick at the airport is to always queue on the left. Psychologically, many people tend to lean to the right. Accordingly, the snake on the right moves slower than the snake on the left. This also applies to the line in the supermarket. Just pay attention and try it out!

Tip #5 – Check the gate at the airport

On your flight ticket you will often find information on which gate you will be boarding. That's all well and good, but it often changes again at short notice. Therefore, be sure to compare the gate number on your ticket with the display board at the airport. You should keep checking the boarding gate until the very end so that you don't end up standing in front of the wrong counter.

Tip #6 – Nap in the airport

Whether planned or at short notice - an overnight stay at the airport usually does not lighten the mood. In general, there are a few basic recommendations: First of all, it is very important to have warm outer clothing with you. You probably packed them anyway, because according to our tip you don't want to freeze further up the plane.

It is also a hot tip to always have a small, dimensionally stable pillow with you. With it you can at least sleep reasonably comfortably on a bench. You might even fit a thin blanket in your hand luggage. If the hustle and bustle at the airport is getting to be too much for you while you're sleeping, why not get a pair of practical Bluetooth headphones. The Bose headphone test will help you decide.

You should also stock up on snacks and drinks in the duty-free area before the evening hours. In some places, the airport shops close in the evening. Also, ask the airport staff about sleeping options, as they are the ones who can naturally give you the best tips at the airport. There are often extra seats and rooms for stranded passengers.

Look for a place to sleep early, otherwise all the good spots might already be occupied later. A large collection of information about sleeping at different airports can be found here .

Tip #7– Snacks & Drinks

The last trick is very simple and makes traveling a lot easier – take an empty water bottle with you for the security check. In most airports there are drinking water dispensers after the check, where you can easily refill them.

You can also take small snacks with you in your hand luggage. This not only saves you the often overpriced items in the departure area, but also has a little more water ready during the flight. This also helps against jet lag!

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