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10 Tips To Hiking Holiday In The Mountains

10 Tips To Hiking Holiday In The Mountains

JalanJalanMen! - Would you like to go on a hiking holiday in the mountains, but you don't really know how to proceed and what exactly to look out for when booking such a holiday? Then read on quickly, because in this blog we give you 10 tips that can help you find your ideal hiking holiday. Start with "broad" questions like which country and region you want to visit, and then delve further. There are an enormous number of beautiful places in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland or in another country where you can spend your hiking holiday in the mountains!

1. Choose the appropriate period

We recently received a call to the office from someone going on a walking holiday in April wanted to. This is of course possible, but be aware that - certainly higher in the mountains at 2500 meters - there may still be snow until June. At higher altitudes, it is not entirely unlikely that it snows in spring and also in autumn. In general, the two seasons are wonderful periods for a hiking holiday in the mountains - and a nice quiet one at that. However, it is more lively in the summer months. If you would like to take a ride on the cable car during your hike to save a few meters in altitude, then don't forget to check the opening times of the cable cars. In some areas the lifts are not open until mid or late June.

2. Choosing an (Alpine) country

Do you like the Austrian "Gemütlichkeit", do you want to enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine next to the mountains or do you prefer not to stay far from home in Germany ? Have you been dreaming of the high mountains of the Swiss Alps for years or are you a real lover of France and would like to spend your hiking holiday there too? When choosing the country, also consider the language. Does it bother you not being able to speak your own language abroad? How about a holiday in the German-speaking Alps? Whichever country you choose, each country has its own character and advantages.

3. The right type of accommodation

Do you like to be pampered in a luxury hotel, do you prefer a simple guest house, do you want your own holiday home or do you prefer to stay in your own mobile home or caravan at the campsite? Each accommodation has its own advantages. You can find 10 special accommodations in the Alps here. > 

4. Does it have to be in the high mountains?

When choosing the ideal destination for your hiking holiday, it is important to determine exactly what you are looking for. Are you an experienced hiker and would you like to go on long hikes through the alpine mountains? Then choose a rugged area with high mountains (2500 to 3000 meters), like the Dolomites in Italy, the Ötztal in Austria or the area around Saas-Fee in Switzerland. Would you rather take it easy? Then look at the areas where the mountains are less high and steep, like the Brixental or Saalbach in Austria. The Black Forest, the Bavarian Forest, the Harz and the other low mountain ranges in Germany also have their charm if you don't want to go too high.

5. Sign up for the Indenbergen newsletter

With the Indenbergen newsletter we keep you up to date on the best travel destinations in the mountains and give you lots of ideas for your next holiday. We also share good offers for a hiking holiday in the mountains with you in our newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter here >.

6. Check the cancellation policy

At least since the Corona crisis, it is important to read the cancellation conditions of your booking and / or your holiday carefully. Of course we hope that the summer vacation can take place normally this year. But what happens to your holiday if it unexpectedly has to be canceled due to negative travel advice, illness or an entry ban?

7. Contact a village or region directly

Through our website you can make a general inquiry to any village or region. You can specify your special requests and your request will automatically be sent to the local tourism association. They will check for you which accommodations are still available and make you a non-binding offer. Convenient and easy!

8. Follow IndenBergen on Instagram and Facebook 

Are you just not sure where to go on your next hiking holiday? Then follow us on Facebook and Instagram . Here we share the most beautiful pictures and give a lot of inspiration for a holiday in the mountains. Who knows, maybe your dream destination will come along too.

9. Put together your own hut tour

If you would like to do a guided hut tour, you are at the right place at the German Alpine Club or at the local tourist office. The adventurous can of course also organize their hut tours themselves. Take the hiking map to hand and put together a nice route for yourself. Of course, you need to have some knowledge of hiking maps in order to be able to estimate how long it will take until you reach the next mountain hut . Once you have created your desired route, you can easily book the mountain huts yourself by email or telephone.

10. Inquire about a discount card in the region

In many regions you get a free discount card when you book accommodation. With this card you can use the cable cars and public transport frequently and enjoy all kinds of free extras and discounts. 

Conclusion: tips for the first hiking holiday

For those who are on a hiking holiday for the first time, there are a few basic rules that need to be observed. It is particularly important not to overestimate yourself. That's why hiking beginners should always take it easy in the first few days and, if in doubt, choose the shorter and less demanding hike. It also makes sense to ask the local hiking association which routes are suitable for your own level. In addition, always let the hotel know where the day trip should go so that help can be sent in an emergency. Otherwise: enjoy every second in the mountains.

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