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11 Beach Tours in West Lampung

JalanJalanMen! - Speaking of West Lampung, of course you will think of its beautiful beaches and very strong waves! Yup, this is indeed true, the beach in West Lampung does have big waves, that's why this district is much favored by foreign tourists who come to surf.

Now speaking of the beauty of coastal tourism in West Lampung, we must also admire the beauty of the beaches on the West Coast, because the West Coast District is the result of the expansion of West Lampung Regency.

Tourists who come to visit this regency usually deliberately come for a vacation and try water sports. The beaches visited besides having a beautiful view of course have big waves. Here are 11 beaches in West Lampung and the West Coast that will definitely make visitors feel at home.

1. Pulau Pisang Beach

Presenting the beauty of beautiful beaches, Pulau Pisang beach should be a recommendation when traveling to West Lampung, even though its location is on the island, this tourist spot is always crowded with tourists because along the way you will be accompanied by cute dolphins.

There are many interesting photo spots that you will find when traveling to Pulau Pisang beach, for example the pink sand and very soft waves. Another attraction presented by Pulau Pisang is historical tours of the Dutch heritage such as school buildings.

2. Labuhan Jukung Beach

Do you like and want to learn to surf? If so, try visiting Labuhan Jukung Beach. This beach, which has relatively small waves, is indeed often used for surfing for beginners, but many also come for tours.

On this beach you will be presented with a beautiful view of the beach and several other interesting photo spots. The photo spot that is widely used by tourists who travel to this beach is a sign that reads Labuhan Jukung Krui.

How? Does all the attractions presented make you interested in visiting Labuhan Jukung Beach!

3. Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is a tourist spot on the West Coast, on this beach you will find a Hindu religious place of worship, namely a temple. Usually before the Nyepi celebration, Hindus around West Lampung perform a ceremony at Melasti Beach.

You can find many interesting views when traveling to Melasti Beach, and there are also many tourists who take pictures with the background of the temple on the beach so that it looks like a Bali beach-style tour.

4. Mandiri Beach

Having beach sand that is slightly black in color makes Mandiri beach has its own characteristics. The view presented by this beach is also quite beautiful, on the edge of the beach you will be served by a stretch of towering coconut trees.

Speaking of waves, Mandiri Beach seems to have the same type of waves as some beaches in West Lampung, which has a fairly strong wave current.

5. Tanjung Setia Beach

Who doesn't know Tanjung Setia Beach, the beach that was once used to hold surfing sports has no doubt about the beauty of the beach and the beautiful waves. Usually many foreign tourists come to this beach to try the thrill of surfing on this beach.

For those of you who want to plan to travel to Tanjung Setia Beach for a long time, you don't need to worry, around the beach there are several home stays that you can rent for the night.

6. Batu Tihang Beach

Batu Tihang Beach or also known as the stone pillar beach or the upright rock beach is a tourist spot that has a beautiful beach view with towering rocks on the edge of the beach. 

The main view of this beach is a rock shaped like a pillar, where the stone is often used as a photo spot by visitors who come to visit the beach.

7. Rumput Hijau Beach

Although not widely known by tourists, the beach, which was viral on social media, has no doubt about its beauty. Rumput hijau Beach itself presents the beauty of the beach with several trees that still grow naturally around the beach.

When you come to this beach, you will also find cliffs overgrown with green grass, it will be even more beautiful if you take a view of the picture from the top of the cliff.

8. Karang Nyimbor Beach

Its location, which is not far from the city of Krui, makes Karang Nyimbor Beach often one of the tourist visits to the Pesisir Barat Regency. This beach which is famous for its very strong wave rolls is an added value for surfing lovers.

For those of you who don't really like surfing, don't worry, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset at Karang Nyimbor Beach while sitting relaxed with friends or loved ones. Oh yes, on this beach there is also an inn, so you can linger on vacation here.

9. Tembakak Beach

It's not only Batu Tihang beach that presents the beauty of rock photo spots towering on the shoreline, the shooting beach in the Karya Penggawa sub-district is also not much different. The beach which is dominated by coral rocks is able to provide a different view for visitors.

In addition to presenting the beauty of the coral reefs, on the beach you will also find a stretch of coconut trees growing on the edge of the beach and other trees that add to the natural impression of the beach.

10. Walur Beach

Presenting the beauty of a slightly different beach atmosphere, at Walur Beach you can see the enchanting beauty of the sunset coupled with the cool atmosphere of the beach because of the shady trees around the beach.

To get to walur beach, it is very easy to reach, you can use the Sumatra crossing route to get to this beach.

11. Muara Tembulih Beach

Muara Tembulih Beach is the location of the Tembulih Turtle Hatchery, this tourist spot is very suitable to be used as an educational place for visitors who want to know the types of turtles and how to incubate the turtle eggs to become hatchlings (turtle chicks).

The Tembulih Turtle Hatchery itself is still under the auspices of the Lampung Province Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service, there are four types of turtles hatched in this captivity, namely leatherback turtles, flat turtles, green turtles and Lekang turtles.


Okay travel friends, those are 11 beach tours that you can visit when traveling to the West Coast of Lampung. If you think this article is useful, please share it with your friends and if you have questions about tourist attractions in Lampung, please comment in the comments column. Happy Holidays.

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