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12 Best Tips for Low-budget Vacation

12 Best Tips for Low-budget Vacation

JalanJalanMen! - The wanderlust is great but the travel budget doesn't give much? No problem, here you will find 12 great tips for your next low-budget vacation. So you can see the world cheaply and still intensively.

12 tips for inexpensive low-budget holidays

Tip #1: Clever savings for the holidays

Do you still have a little time before you go on vacation? Fine! Because with a little advance notice and one or two clever tricks, you can easily fill up your holiday budget. We have collected the best savings tips for your vacation .

If you don't have much time to leave, the 5-euro trick might help you. Without exception, every fiver that you get your hands on is put aside - whether fresh from the ATM or as change. You can check out the popular €5 trick here .

Tip #2: Cheap travel time

If you can, do not plan your vacation during peak season or school holiday periods . Not only do you avoid crowds, but you can also count on cheaper prices.

By the way: Don't worry about the weather in the off-season! For example, the cliché that it rains non-stop in tropical countries during the rainy season is often incorrect. After an hour or two, the downpour is over there and the sun is back.

Tip #3: Cheap Vacation Destinations

You don't only get low-budget holidays in Eastern Europe. Of course, a train journey from Germany to Prague is cheaper than a flight to Bali, but in principle every country can be visited at low cost. When choosing a travel destination, it pays to think outside the box and look for destinations that you may not have had on your radar.

These countries are very cheap in accommodation and food. Is there one for you?

  • Georgia
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka

Here you will find helpful maps for particularly cheap travel destinations .

Tip #4: Book cheaply

Early booking discounts and last-minute offers are of course great for a low-budget holiday. Flexibility always pays off when booking. So it is best to first look for cheap travel options and only then submit your holiday.

There are always special offers for buses and trains that are particularly inexpensive, when you share a ride you simply share the price and here are tips on how to find cheap flights .

Tip #5: Get cheaply from A to B

When you arrive at your travel destination, you can save money and experience great things at the same time if you use public transport . Of course it's nice to simply give the taxi driver the destination address, but you can experience more and spend less if you travel like the locals. It often takes a little research to find the best connection, but the time investment is well worth it.

Tip #6: Eat cheaply

Expensive (tourist) restaurants easily eat up a large part of the travel budget. It is cheaper if you stick to the locals if you want to eat out. In addition, the smaller restaurants , which the local population also uses, cook much more authentically.

Of course, the cheapest way to eat on holiday is to cook for yourself. Self-catering accommodation with a small kitchen unit tends to be cheaper than large hotels and a visit to the local market is definitely worth it.

Tip #7: Cheap Tours

Just because you're on a low-budget vacation doesn't mean you have to miss out on interesting activities like excursions and city tours. For example, do you know the concept of Freetour ? We've done it a few times and we're thrilled. A local guide will lead you through the area and at the end you can make a voluntary donation of any amount. Freetours now operates in 119 countries. Brilliant!

Tip #8: Insider Tips

Your holiday will be super eventful, authentic and particularly cheap if you find local friends . Because they know the best insider tips and will take you to places far off the beaten tourist track. How to quickly connect with the locals? Openness, friendliness and genuine interest in the country and its people are half the battle.

Tip #9: Cheap Accommodation

You simply do without the all-inclusive hotel? Very good, because then you can save a lot. Couchsurfing, private apartments, home swapping and AirBnBs are easy on your travel budget. Researching inexpensive hostels is also worthwhile. Because many have, in addition to the large dormitories, also cheap single or two-bed rooms.

And have you ever heard of house sitting ? There are some people who are looking for someone to take care of the house, plants or their pets in their absence. Water plants and live for free - sounds a lot like a low-budget holiday and pretty great, doesn't it?

Tip #10: Camping

The cheapest and most beautiful accommodation for nature lovers is their own tent, mobile home or caravan . But be careful, not everywhere is it allowed to just stay the night. Find out in advance whether wild camping is permitted in your destination country.

Portals such as Campr, Camp in my garden, iOverlander, Freeontour or park4night can help campers looking for free (or particularly cheap) accommodation. There you will find beautiful places, such as private gardens or farms, where you can stay overnight particularly cheaply or even for free.

If you are still missing the right tent: We have tested the best camping tents and will help you to find the perfect one for you.

Tip #11: Make money on the go

Sure, holidays should be for relaxation, but if you don't have a problem with a bit of tackling, then nothing stands in the way of your low-budget holiday. You might even be able to get down to zero. Many countries offer work and holiday/work and travel visas . For example, you can harvest fruit in Dreamland for a while and save money for the rest of your trip.

If this is interesting for you, find out more about WWOOFing . The abbreviation stands for "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms" and the principle behind it is simple and ingenious: you help on organic farms and get free accommodation and meals in return. Harvesting mangoes in Thailand or caring for horses in South Africa - could be a lot worse, right? 

Tip #12: Rental income on vacation

If your lease allows it, you can sublet your own home while you're away. Simply create an attractive profile on AirBnB or wg-gesucht. Especially with city apartments, you will have a good chance of quickly finding a subtenant for a limited period of time.

By the way, you can also rent out your car while you're on vacation. Portals such as or even include the appropriate insurance.


As you can see, there are many options for a low-budget holiday  and with a few tricks you can easily have a wonderful break and still not strain your wallet to the last.

Here are all the low-budget holiday tips in brief :

  • Save smart
  • Choose a cheap travel time
  • Find a cheap holiday destination
  • Inexpensive booking
  • Use public transport
  • Eat locally and take care of yourself
  • Use free tours
  • Find insider tips
  • Find cheap accommodation
  • Camp
  • make money on the go
  • Sublet your own apartment

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