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7 Tips to Prepare For Your Next Trip

7 Tips to Prepare For Your Next Trip

JalanJalanMen! - If you prepare well for a trip, for example with an online language course, you can enjoy it much more relaxed. Especially when everything is well arranged, no unnecessary thoughts have to be wasted on home. So you can let the many new impressions on site work on you with relish. Nowadays, countless photos can be found from almost anywhere in the world with just one click in the search engine, but the emotions that you experience on site cannot be found on the Internet. So here are our 7 tips on what you should consider when preparing for your next trip!

1. Get all your documents in order

Check if your passport is still valid. Organize the extension in good time if necessary. Clarify whether you need a visa in the country of your travel destination or on the way there and submit the application in good time. Get an international driver's license even if you don't intend to drive. It's better to have one in case of an emergency.

2. Learn the local language or at least English

In this day and age, every citizen of the world should be able to speak the English language anyway. If your English skills from school are already a little rusty, brush them up now. There are great opportunities to learn English in everyday life. In this way, you integrate practicing the language fluently into your day, so that you only have to reserve a little extra time for it. Learning languages ​​online is now easier than ever.

In addition, it is not bad to know a few words in the respective national language. Even if it's just enough for the exchange of pleasantries and a little small talk, it always opens doors. Local people really appreciate it if you greet them in their language. It doesn't matter at all if they hear right away that you don't actually speak the local language. For example, who does not know the sentence: “I am a Berliner”?

You can quickly take a language course on the An online language course makes you linguistically fit for the travel destination of your choice.

3. Take care of your health

Check which vaccinations you need in the countries you travel to. Often you have to get the vaccinations a certain time before the trip. You should also check that all the usual vaccinations are up to date. Have a routine check-up by your family doctor and dentist. Nothing is worse than toothache when travelling. Create an emergency ID card. One should be stored in the smartphone, but a note that you can keep in your wallet would also be good because you can read it if the battery should run out.

4. Create a packing list

There are great packing list programs on various travel sites on the Internet. They will create a customized packing slip for you for each country, taking some personal data into account. You then modify it a little and it is perfectly tailored to you. But also make sure that you don't carry too much around with you. You can also find great luggage slimming lists online.

5. Inform about the target country on the Internet

Nowadays you can find everything you need on the internet. First of all, plan your travel route and possibly load maps onto your smartphone so that you can use them without an internet connection. Look at the sights and any insider tips in travel forums and travel blogs. Also note the expected climate on site. This is important for your packing list.

Also find out about the legal regulations in the travel countries. When are you allowed to drive? Are there curfews? What shouldn't you do? You can also read about local customs in many blogs, just as you can learn languages ​​online. In some countries there are things that you should definitely not do, but which are quite normal here.

6. Arrange everything at home

In addition to language lessons and formalities, there are other things that should be prepared in order to be able to enjoy a relaxed travel experience: Organize accommodation or care for your pet and houseplants or possibly also for your garden in good time. There may be someone you trust who can do this for you. But don't forget to ask a backup person as well. Double check what bills are due while you travel. Plan your food supplies so that nothing spoils in your absence. What happens to your car if you travel by plane? If you drive away with the car, have it checked again in the workshop.

7. Pack, check in, leave

Now it's time to pack up and let's go. Not only can you currently learn languages ​​online, you can also check in online if you fly. In addition, some travel apps now also check the size of your hand luggage. Ask someone to drive you to the airport in good time - more time should be planned for international flights here than for a flight within Europe. Finally, don't forget to take out the garbage again and lock and turn off everything that is necessary. For example, you can turn off the water. But you have to be careful with the electricity: if you turn everything off, the heating and the fridge, including the freezer compartment, will no longer work either.

Travel preparation summary

It starts with taking language lessons, even if nowadays you can still learn languages ​​online on site. However, with all the planning that is now also possible via the Internet, you must not forget flexibility. Therefore, do not plan your itinerary too tightly. You should also allow for buffer times, especially on longer trips. Then you can either stay in a place where you particularly like it, or you can spontaneously embark on an adventure if the locals tell you an insider tip that cannot yet be found on the internet. We hope that with this preparation your next trip will go as planned and smoothly.

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