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8 Tips For Sustainable Travel In The Mountains

8 Tips For Sustainable Travel In The Mountains

JalanJalanMen! - Sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important. We love the mountains, not only because of the sports activities that can be practiced there, but above all because of the beautiful, untouched nature. And we want it to stay that way. Fortunately, more and more nature reserves and national parks are being established to protect nature. But there are also many things that we as mountain lovers can do for it ourselves. For example, how we drive into the mountains, but also how we behave in natural surroundings. Do you want to know how you can easily make your vacation more sustainable? In this blog we give 8 tips for sustainable travel in the mountains!

Sustainable travel in the mountains

Today we have to deal with issues such as climate change more than usual, but the increasing number of tourists and the increasingly popular natural regions as holiday destinations also have an impact on the environment. It's a shame because we love traveling to the mountains. Precisely because they are so unique and untouched. It is very easy to make your own contribution so that we can continue to enjoy the beautiful nature in the mountains in the future. It's not just the means of transport you use that can make a difference, but also how we behave when travelling. Traveling sustainably is easy and the things you can do are obvious. Anyone who considers it important to be sustainable and to conserve resources will find out in our tips for sustainable travel in and to the mountains,

1. Choose sustainable accommodation

Of course there are countless accommodations in the Alps, but did you know that there are also many ecologically sensible accommodations? These are places built in a sustainable way, e.g. B. Using natural materials and with little or no impact on nature. Healthy and organic food is the top priority in these so-called organic hotels, but most of the energy is also obtained from natural sources. You can support these initiatives by choosing one of these environmentally conscious accommodations for your next vacation. On you will find sustainable accommodation, here you support regional nature projects with your booking. 

2. Bring your own water bottle with you on the trip

You may already be doing this, but a good tip for sustainable mountain travel is to take your water bottle with you on a hike or bike ride. This way there is no need to buy plastic bottles as you can easily refill the water bottle over and over again. The higher you are in the mountains, the cleaner and better the water, and in fact there is nothing purer than meltwater in the mountains. You can also find places with fountains, springs or huts everywhere, where you can fill up your own water bottle. What an easy way to travel more sustainably! 

3. Eat local products

What everyone has always loved about a summer holiday in the Alps and what is also very sustainable is eating regional dishes in the cozy mountain huts. Many of these huts in Austria and Switzerland, for example, offer delicious lunch dishes or snacks made from products that come directly from the region. And in many villages you will find farms that produce organic products. These products do not need to be imported from far away. The delicious lunch during your well-deserved break on a (long) mountain tour is therefore a very responsible decision and tastes even better. Tips for a guaranteed tasty selection of food in the Alps >

4. take the train

Most holidaymakers drive to their holiday destination in the Alps by car. Why not take the train? In order to travel sustainably in the mountains, a train journey is a very conscious decision. Remember that nowadays trains often run on green energy and emit much less CO2 than cars. The ÖBB Nightjet runs directly from Hamburg, including via Hanover, Würzburg and Augsburg to Innsbruck or also coming from Amsterdam directly to Innsbruck, with stops in Bonn, Koblenz, Mainz, Frankfurt and many more. A really relaxed way to travel. Close your eyes and the next morning after a few hours of sleep you are in Austria in the middle of the Alps. The night train is not only a very nice way to travel, but also contributes to sustainability.

5. go camping

Another way to protect the environment and have a great vacation at the same time is to go camping. This is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel and it's also a lot of fun. For example on quiet natural campsites in the Alps or on an eco-campsite where you can sleep in a tent or a folding trailer. Hardly any CO2 is used when on holiday, but only on the way to the holiday destination. The following applies: the lighter you travel, the more sustainable you are on the road. A larger caravan or motorhome therefore consumes more and is therefore less sustainable. 

6. Travel with locals

One of the tips for sustainable mountain travel that is actually a lot of fun is to go out with the locals. This is another way to support local initiatives and the local economy and makes the holiday even more unique. The local tour guides and hiking guides know exactly what they are talking about, take you to the most beautiful places and tell the most interesting stories. Also, it's much nicer to spend your money on the community that is so welcoming than to invest in big companies.

7. Enjoy sustainable activities

The great thing about summer holidays in the mountains is that many activities here are very sustainable. These include hiking and cycling, of course, but there are other great eco-friendly activities to enjoy here too. Just think of kayaking, stand-up paddling, swimming in crystal-clear mountain lakes or bouldering. This is fun for the whole family, especially bouldering, because you can start climbing without any experience. In addition, you hardly need any equipment for bouldering. Another tip for traveling sustainably in the mountains is to mainly get around on foot or by bike. 

8. Take your rubbish with you and leave nothing behind

This last tip for sustainable travel in the mountains should actually be quite logical for everyone, because it is extremely important. Wherever you go, whatever you do and experience: don't leave anything in nature that doesn't belong there. When hiking in the mountains, be sure to take a backpack with you so that you can take the papers and packaging of snacks with you and do not (accidentally) leave them behind. Let's leave untouched the untouched nature that we appreciate so much. So we can enjoy the most beautiful destinations in the Alps for a long time!

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