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10 Tips On How to Save Money for Your World Trip

JalanJalanMen! - Would you like to go on a trip around the world but are wondering how to finance it? There are people who go on a trip around the world with very little money. But such a trip can also be priceless. It all depends on how you want to travel, which countries you want to see and how long you are going. As a backpacker or flashpacker, you usually need between €10,000 and €20,000 to see the world. Therefore, you have to save hard before you can start, but you have a wonderful goal in mind. With our savings tips, you will quickly get closer to your dream.

10 Tips On How to Save Money for Your World Trip

1. Rent out your room or move into a shared flat

Your probably biggest expenses of the month are the rental costs. If you want to go on a trip around the world, we would recommend that you rent a smaller apartment or move into a shared flat. If you have a large apartment, rent a room through Airbnb. You can earn extra money, especially on weekends that are in high demand, such as the Oktoberfest or during trade fairs.

Savings: Up to €500 per month.

2. Lower your additional costs

When was the last time you compared the prices of your electricity provider or your insurance company? Never? You can also save a lot of money here, comparison portals such as or are particularly helpful. 

Savings: Up to €20 per month.

3. Take food and coffee with you from home

Have you ever wondered how many times a month you go out to eat or buy a coffee at the bakery? We also like going to the Italian restaurant next door during our lunch breaks. The cost of the meals here varies between €5 and €12 and the coffee to go also costs between €2 and €4. This is a lot of money that you could save for your world trip. So we decided to take our food and coffee with us from home. You can easily pre-cook something at home or make yourself a sandwich, which is not too time-consuming. Plus, the leftovers from the night before are still delicious the next day.

Savings: Up to €250 per month.

4. Sell your car

We know that you probably don't want to be without your car because it makes your everyday life easier.  You can get from A to B quickly and it's always at the door when you need to leave quickly. Have you ever calculated how much a car costs you per month? Leasing costs, petrol, insurance, ADAC, workshop, TÜV, car wash, a lot comes together. But there are also cheaper alternatives. Just use public transport or take a bike. It is much cheaper and in big cities you can travel much faster than by car. If you prefer the convenient solution, then use the car sharing offer. There are several providers such as Drive Now, car2go or Flinkster. If you want to cover a longer distance, you have the following alternatives:  The ridesharing service is our favorite here, the prices are very cheap and the best thing is, you get to meet super nice people. We've had conversations about travel here for hours and the time just flew by. Another possibility is the long-distance bus or the Deutsche Bahn.

Savings: Up to €350 per month.

5. Have you ever looked in your basement?

When was the last time you were in your basement and looked to see what else you needed from the stuff that was there? Or are there things in your apartment that you haven't used in a year?  We also cleaned out and sold some. The best place to sell clothes is on Vinted Spinning Tops and technology on Ebay or Ebay Classifieds.  The classic would be a flea market visit, here you can still get a lot of money for your things.

One-time income: Up to €2,000.

6. Find a side job

How big is your dream to go on a trip around the world? It is certainly exhausting to work part-time alongside your main job, but you can save a lot of money on your world travel account by doing so. There are different possibilities. Probably the most common part-time job is waiting tables. In addition to your fixed salary, you can also get a tip for your friendliness here. Waiting is not for you? Then try a job at trade fairs. Women are very popular here as hostesses and men are wanted to set up the exhibition stands. Other possibilities would be delivering newspapers, arranging shelves in the supermarket, as a textile seller, etc.

Income: Up to €450 per month + tips.

7. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and contracts

How often do you actually go to the gym? We know everyone has their resolutions and especially at the turn of the year, gyms lure with great offers, but do you actually use them regularly? There are numerous alternatives such as jogging, cycling, skating, dumbbell training or meeting up with your friends in the park and working out together. 

Do you have a mobile phone contract? In our opinion, many mobile phone contracts are overpriced. Do you actually need 200 free minutes and 5 GB data volume per month? Or do you use your WiFi at home much more often? You can also reduce your costs here. 

Do you own Sky or Netflix? If so, do you really need these subscriptions? If you absolutely don't want to do without it, then at least share an account with friends. You can register several devices and save a few euros a month.

Savings: Up to €120 per month.

8. Do your tax return

Each of us postpones our tax return or doesn't even know how it works. You can get a one-time refund of a lot of money here. For beginners, WISO offers control software as great support.

One-time income: Up to €700.

9. Party with your friends at the park or at home

Where do you meet up with friends? In a restaurant to eat, in a club to celebrate or in the cinema? You're probably wondering if you shouldn't have social contacts anymore? no But what do you think about meeting up with your friends at your house? You all cook together, your friends bring the wine and beer and you rent a film, for example via iTunes, and have a nice movie night. If the weather is nice, you can of course also have a barbecue in a park near you and end the evening with a cool beer. You see, there are several ways to spend a nice evening with your friends, which are much cheaper in comparison.

Savings: Up to €150 per month.

10. Keep a household book

This must sound very old-fashioned to you, right? However, it's really a great tip to get a complete overview of costs.  Write down your income and expenses and you may find another item in your expenses that you could reduce. As a further tip, we recommend that you create a separate account for your trip around the world. So the temptation to dispose of the saved money is not as great as when it is in your checking account. Also, it's nice to watch the money add up and you're getting closer and closer to your goal of traveling around the world, and that's the biggest motivation. We have used many of these tips ourselves in order to be able to realize our dream. It doesn't matter whether you're a professional, a student or a student, some tips are guaranteed to be helpful.

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