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Advent Calendar For Travel Junkies

In keeping with the beautiful Christmas season, you want to put a smile on your loved ones' faces every day and make them happy. What is better for this than an advent calendar? Inside there is a small gift every day to make the person happy and make the time leading up to Christmas more beautiful. 

Are you still looking for the perfect ideas for an advent calendar for travel junkies? That's what this guide is for! Get inspired.  

Advent Calendar For Travel Junkies

Advent ideas for travel lovers 

passport cover

When traveling around the world, one thing should of course never be missing: your passport! Due to the many trips, it can of course quickly happen that the passport bears a few signs of use. What better way to prevent that than a nice passport cover? Everyone who likes to travel will be happy about that. 

world map

What does every traveler want to see? Right, the world. Whether you're giving away a regular world map or even a scratch map, we're sure this gift will be well received. The scratch map in particular is ideally suited for travel planning and at the same time allows you to keep an overview of where you have already been. 

travel journal

When you travel, you collect the best memories. A travel journal is a great gift for anyone who likes to write down their memories. It's just a heartwarming feeling to flip through the pages of your diary and see what you've been through, who you've met and how much you've evolved.

Mobile phone case (waterproof) 

If you are not writing down your memories in a travel diary, then you always have your mobile phone at hand. Of course, this should be well protected in every situation. So how about either a cell phone chain so that the cell phone doesn't easily fall off the cliffs or end up in the sea? Or would you prefer a cell phone case with which you can take underwater pictures while snorkeling? They are also available with suitable travel motifs.

disposable camera

Nowadays, we all pretty much always have a camera in our pocket when we travel with our smartphone. But we also find it particularly nice to simply use a disposable camera to take special holiday pictures. The surprise after the holiday when you find out if the pictures came out and what moments you captured is priceless.

luggage tag 

When travelling, things tend to get lost, something is left lying around somewhere or someone has the same suitcase. A personalized luggage tag can be very helpful. You can choose different motifs that are suitable for the person to be given the gift. Besides, you can also decide what kind of pendant it should be. We recommend one where contact details can be entered at the back. If something should go missing, the owner can be contacted quickly and easily. 

money box

A well-stocked travel budget is always an advantage when traveling. Then why not give away a money box in which money can be saved for the next big trip? It serves as motivation and increases the anticipation of the next big adventure.

travel voucher

How about a small travel voucher as an idea for the advent calendar? Travel doesn't always have to take you to distant countries. Give away a voucher for a small city trip within Germany. If you want to do the trip together during the Christmas season, then visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. For example the one in  W├╝rzburg . Otherwise discover the  most beautiful travel destinations in Germany together.  


A small flashlight that fits easily in a backpack or pocket is always a good idea. Who knows when and what they might be used for. This practical gift is sure to be well received. 


Whether for small excursions, city trips or longer journeys: A good backpack is an advantageous companion for all travel enthusiasts. You can always use it.

thermal mug 

On longer train journeys or hikes, the coffee or hot drink of your choice can quickly become cold. Of course this should be prevented. That's why a good thermal mug is a great gift idea. Our tip: Choose one that keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks well chilled. There is nothing worse than having to drink lukewarm water on a long hike or strenuous excursion.

Neck pillow, sleep mask 

On longer journeys, you might want to close your eyes and enjoy some restful sleep. But sleeping in uncomfortable buses or trains is only half as good without the right amenities. With the right neck pillow, you will sleep much better. The gift is sure to please. 

Jewelry with a travel motif

How about a small piece of jewelry with a travel motif as an idea for your advent calendar? There are many different variations that you could give away. Choose from a pair of earrings or a bracelet with a globe, a necklace with country outlines and much more.


Just block out the travel noises, listen to a few songs that remind you of home and watch the landscape go by: A good pair of headphones should not be missing on any trip, because music is always a nice companion.

travel Guide

Do you already know where the next trip of your recipient should go? Then give away a travel guide for the destination. And if you don't already know, the travel guide is also a great source of inspiration.

toilet bag 

A small practical travel toiletry bag is valuable when traveling and is always needed. That is why it is particularly suitable as a gift.  

Mosquito repellent, sunscreen 

As a little something for the advent calendar, mosquito repellent and sunscreen are very good. Nothing is more annoying than being bitten by mosquitoes or catching a sunburn when traveling. You can definitely always use these two things! 

travel cutlery

Travel cutlery is also one of the practical travel gifts. Whether you are backpacking, camping or just to have it with you. Travel cutlery is always an advantage, especially if you are self-catering when travelling.

Travel cookbook 

As a self-catering traveller, you can also make good use of a cookbook that was written for people on the move. Here you will find simple, tasty dishes that you don't need much for and that are quick to cook. A must for travelers!

Christmas bauble with a travel motif 

In keeping with the Christmas season, Christmas decorations with travel motifs are particularly suitable as gifts. Then two wonderful phases in life combine: the Christmas season and the travel season. So there is a little bit of distance in the living room at home when you spend Christmas with the family. 

photo book

When you travel around the world, you inevitably miss your family and friends and feel homesick. To combat this, a sentimental reminder of home makes a great gift to remind you who's waiting for you at home. 

games collection

A small, travel-sized collection of games is ideal for fighting boredom on long journeys or for making new friends and enjoying fun evenings. 

travel magnets

Bring the travel feeling home with small magnets from places that you have already seen or want to see. The small souvenirs can either remind you of trips together or serve as motivation to visit many more places together. 


The right hand luggage case is worth its weight in gold when travelling. This is a gift that will last a long time and will be used frequently. It's always worth it. 


Hopefully our little advent calendar guide has given you some inspiration and you now have a better overview of what you want to give away during this beautiful Advent season.

From smaller gifts to slightly larger ones - there was definitely something for you. But the most important thing during the Christmas season is and remains putting a smile on others' faces. We're sure your homemade advent calendar will do just that. 

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