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Communication & Teamwork While Traveling

Communication & Teamwork While Traveling

Every journey is an adventure and brings you a lot of new experiences. Every new dreamy place you discover and every new memory you make is unique. You will likely find yourself in many formative situations and meet many people who couldn't be more different. No matter what kind of encounters you have - every experience will let your personality grow.

You will subconsciously pick up important soft skills that can help you in everyday life and especially in your professional life. We want to show you here with our own experiences how we have grown on our travels. So look forward to some exciting stories about how our backpacker trail team learned communication and team skills on their travels!

Communication & teamwork

Communication has a significant impact on our human life. We humans are almost always communicating, at least when we are not alone. Whether we speak or remain silent, express ourselves with facial expressions or gestures, we are always communicating something to our counterpart. This happens consciously and unconsciously.

Communication is often the key to happiness - both in private life and in your professional career. However, only if we can master them well and use them correctly. Because there is a lot of power in communication. It is a kind of art and can be further developed throughout life. 

When you travel, you encounter countless unknown situations in which you can enormously strengthen your communication skills. Traveling is the most beautiful and easiest way to make new contacts, get to know other perspectives on the world and broaden your horizons.

You will learn a lot about your own way of communicating. This will help you a lot later, because at work you also have to constantly deal with other people in whatever way. In addition, you will definitely be dependent on outside help from time to time. A small problem can then only be solved with communication. 

Thus, communication often goes hand in hand with an experience or working in a team. So you can improve these two skills at the same time. If you find it easy to communicate with a wide variety of people, you usually have no problems working in various teams. 

In this article we take you on trips to Vietnam, Japan and Italy and tell about our personal experiences. 

Vietnam - communication without many words

The first story takes place in  Vietnam . This is a land full of mysteries and exciting cultures. The official language is Vietnamese. In addition, a large part of the population speaks Chinese and French. The English language only spread through many travelers. A well-groomed, rather covered appearance and a calm, polite demeanor are very important in Vietnamese culture.

Our founder Fabio was on a motorcycle backpacking trip with a good friend in Vietnam. They drove across the country from north to south. Suddenly the motorcycle makes strange noises and one wheel wobbles. The spokes of a wheel were broken.

Fortunately, there are numerous workshops along the "highway", which is more like a German country lane or a country road riddled with potholes - the number of repair shops seems to be as high as the number of motorcycles. They didn't have to drive another five minutes and had already arrived at a workshop.

The first problems arose when trying to describe the problem of the bike to the employee. Nobody spoke English, let alone German. But with hands and feet it finally worked. With this kind of communication anything was possible. They got along so well and were able to communicate with each other despite few words that the employees of the workshop invited Fabio and his buddy to dinner afterwards.

Even without many words, they felt warmth and joy. Actions or facial expressions are known to say more than a thousand words. Communication happens in different ways and you should definitely not miss an opportunity to strengthen this skill. And what could be nicer than making new friends, learning more about foreign cultures and experiencing natural spectacles at the same time? 

Japan – Communication opens new doors

Now we take you on a trip to  Japan . The Land of the Rising Sun is characterized by a multitude of cultural customs and traditions. There is a lot for travelers to experience and get to know. The culture combines many Asian, Oceanic, Chinese and Western influences. 

Our French translator Fanny traveled to Japan with her husband for a while. The biggest challenge was clear right from the start: the language barrier. Once they traveled from the big metropolises to the small towns or villages, life was entirely in Japanese.

Street names, buildings, menus... ─ only Japanese characters could be seen everywhere. Nothing has been translated into English. They were therefore dependent on outside help. However, both are a little shy and reserved and above all not used to asking others for help. But they had no other choice. In the end they were happy about it. In the course of this, they learned a lot about themselves and, in particular, strengthened their communication skills.

It's not always bad to come up against a small dead end, because it can open some unexpected doors. Long conversations and formative encounters with the locals often resulted from short, banal questions. Fanny and her husband learned a lot about the language, the country, their culture and often got a few great insider tips.

Towards the end of the trip, it suddenly became very easy for Fanny and her husband to talk to strangers and have exciting conversations. The story clearly shows how you can definitely increase your soft skill of communication skills when traveling - and that almost automatically. 

Italy – you are strong in a team

It's off to  Italy now . Who doesn't love this country? The warm and family mentality, the delicious food, impressive cities and the wonderful, varied, Mediterranean nature inspire. Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe and with good reason. You can travel here without any problems, experience an unforgettable time and at the same time develop your personality. 

Italy has spectacular alpine country, mountains and beautiful mountain regions such as the Alps and the Dolomites. Our Italian translator Margherita, who loves hiking, often travels back to her home country of Italy. She likes to spend unforgettable trips here with backpack and tent in the mountains. Always with them are a few friends from their former scout group.

They have known each other for more than 15 years and are a well-rehearsed team, but every little further trip is also a time of new experiences and learning for them. Margherita remembers a specific trip and tells how she was able to enormously strengthen the soft skills of communication and teamwork.

One night the group was camping on a mountain in the middle of the untouched nature of Italy. Suddenly, a strong storm blew up – something they had never experienced before on any of their past hiking tours. They had to act, act as a team, and communicate well with each other to withstand this unexpected surprise.

As if in a trance, they secured all the tents, one by one - as a team and together. Everyone for themselves would probably not have made it against the storm. They also motivated each other and encouraged each other: Everything will be fine. And in the end everything went well. They also learned a lot from this situation, about themselves, their communication skills and the team. 

This story shows once again that unfamiliar situations and unexpected surprises in particular teach you the most - and nothing holds as many of them as travel.


Life isn't a one man show. You are dependent on the exchange and dealing with other people. In a team you are also often capable of much more than alone. The three stories from our team show in different ways how beautiful and educational travel can be at the same time.

Many unusual situations, problems or unexpected surprises await you when you travel. As you cope, you will automatically strengthen your personal soft skills, especially communication and teamwork. 

These skills will enrich your life enormously, we promise you that! Whether in everyday dealings with your loved ones or in professional life, you will benefit from them. Working in a team is not only an important requirement for many professions. It can also be beautiful in private to create a group around you, to overcome challenges together and to share joy and happiness with each other. 

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