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How to Around the World in an e-Car?

JalanJalanMen! - Tired of using the plane on your trips around the world? You want comfort, but at the same time keep an eye on sustainability? Then an e-car is the ideal means of transport for your trips!

How to Around the World in an e-Car?

The electric car: the future present

The e-car is enjoying increasing popularity and is no longer just a dream of the future, but is increasingly becoming a reality. It is a trend in the automotive industry that focuses on sustainability. The modern shapes of the vehicles make statements and create a completely new architecture in this industry. By eliminating the gearbox or radiator grille, the designers can live it up and thus always provide a glimpse into the future. We will show you where electromobility is important and what you have to consider when renting an electric car.

But what is an electric car anyway?

This is a vehicle that uses electricity instead of conventional fuels to drive it. This is obtained from the appropriate charging stations, whether private (wall boxes) or public. With a special charging cable you can charge your car with electricity. You can compare this with your smartphone, which you have to recharge regularly when the battery level is low. The battery also acts as the heart of the electric car and is supported by other components such as temperature management, the electric motor or the power electronics. The battery management serves as the brain of such a vehicle, constantly showing you the condition of the battery so you know when to charge again.

The e-car is particularly environmentally friendly because it has no local pollutant emissions, such as hybrid cars. However, you have to keep in mind that an electric car is only as clean as the electricity it charges. The noise pollution is also very low. However, the manufacturers of the almost noiseless mobile had to install noise generators so that the vehicles could be heard by other people and pedestrians.

Advantages of e-cars

As already mentioned, you protect the environment with an electric vehicle. With the implementation of electromobility and the resulting reduction in CO₂ emissions, air quality will improve. With its way of driving, an e-car is not only sustainable, but also relaxed for you as the driver. The smooth acceleration and driving without a manual transmission take all the stress out of your road trip.

What's more, you can get closer to everything with an electric car, because you have free access to restricted traffic zones. If you think that an electric car or renting one will cost you a fortune, we can put your mind at ease. Above all, charging is almost a bargain compared to filling up with conventional fuels. Anyone who is toying with the idea of ​​buying an e-car will also be financially supported, as these cars are subsidized with an environmental bonus.

In addition to the advantage of low costs, maintenance is also much easier than with normal vehicles. Due to the mostly minimalist composition of the technology and hydraulics, these vehicles are significantly less prone to problems. Regenerative driving also ensures that the brakes are used less and are protected more.


In addition to a long list of advantages, the electric car, like everything else, has a few disadvantages. A negative point is that not all charging stations can charge all models at the same time. In addition, you have to be prepared for a longer travel time for long distances and plan accordingly. Many models have a long range, but this is reduced when driving fast on the freeway, so you may have to stop and charge your car every two hours.

At the same time, however, this can also be viewed positively: You have time to relax and get a coffee, visit the toilet or simply stretch your legs between trips.

It can be problematic in winter. The low temperatures can have a negative effect on the battery and ensure that it is used up more quickly. Even if a lot has been done in recent times to maximize the benefits of electric cars, the charging station infrastructure needs to be further developed to match the optimal conditions in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia: A paradise for e-cars

Are you thinking about where your next road trip with the e-car should take you? We'll tell you: Scandinavia!

Electromobility is very important here! Instead of just complaining about the disadvantages, Scandinavia quickly saw the advantages of the innovative technology.

In Norway and Denmark you will find a perfectly developed infrastructure of public and private charging stations. In general, the charging stations are located in strategic locations such as highways or very central in the city. So you don't have to worry that your range is too small. In Norway in particular, the switch to electromobility is in full swing and almost every fourth vehicle is an electric one. The country is like a Mecca for e-cars.

In the Scandinavian countries, electromobility is subsidized by the state, e-cars are allowed to park for free or even use the bus lane. Here you can not only see the heavy use of electric cars, but also hear them. The almost noiseless gliding of the chic runabouts makes the cities much quieter places and is a lot more pleasant for fellow human beings. By 2025, Norway would like to continue to promote the already popular e-racers and stop selling combustion engines altogether.

The conversion is also in full swing in neighboring Sweden. Here the charging stations are often available directly at hotel parking lots or in their immediate vicinity. So you can fully charge your car overnight and drive on relaxed the next day.

Rental car e-car: You should pay attention to this

When renting an electric car, there are a few things to consider that are not usual with a car with a combustion engine. We give you tips so that everything goes well on your next trip.


No matter which vehicle it is, when renting you should always check whether there is any damage to the bodywork or the tires. You should also always check the usual basics such as the warning triangle and first-aid kit. Furthermore, when handing over your electric car, you should make sure that the necessary accessories are in stock. The cables must be free of damage and all necessary adapters must be present.

You need a suitable charging cable to be able to connect the car to charging stations. You may not only need your smartphone for this process, but also a card, comparable to a fuel card. In this context, the age of the vehicle also plays a significant role, because battery performance decreases with age, in contrast to a new model.

Before you put your signature under the rental agreement, you should have read everything in detail and eliminated any ambiguities. When the property is handed over, everything should be as agreed in the rental agreement.


Once the theory has been clarified, there are still a few points that you have to consider when driving: In general, it is important that you calculate with realistic ranges and never charge to 100% during the charging process. The charging management automatically ends the charging process shortly beforehand in order to conserve the battery.

When charging, it is worth not relying on the cheapest tariffs, otherwise you can quickly have problems. In addition, supermarket chargers are not recommended, as they often have limited performance and are only operational during opening hours. Various manufacturers such as Tesla show you when and where you need to charge on your journey. However, this is not the case with all manufacturers. It is therefore best to always plan your route in advance so that you can travel relaxed from one charging station to the next.

Which electric car is the best?

It is not easy to say in general which is the best electric car on the market, as technology is constantly evolving and manufacturers are constantly optimizing their vehicles. Tesla , Hyundai and Renault are currently offering you really good value for money. It is important to pay attention to the battery capacity and the purchase price. In terms of range, Mercedes and Tesla are ahead, while Hyundai is particularly energy-efficient. Almost all other common car brands now also offer electric options, it all depends on you and your taste.

Depending on what you want and want from your electric car, we advise you to use an online cost calculator. In this way, you can calculate exactly how much electricity your future vehicle will consume, whether rented or purchased, and you can directly compare the different providers with each other.


With their modern design and innovative technology, the e-cars not only impress their drivers, but also keep an eye on the environment. An absolute win-win situation and even if everything is not yet perfect, the small defects can increasingly be remedied with advances in technology and the expansion of the E-network.

Would you like to go on a road trip with an electric vehicle? We guarantee that once you get into the e-car, you will want to keep exploring the world with it. Have lots of fun with it!

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