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How to Travel The World Without Money?

How to Travel The World Without Money?

There is a gaping emptiness in your account, but the wanderlust in you still won't stop? Or do you simply have no money available for a trip, but still want to travel to a new country and experience something exciting?

It's a problem you're definitely not alone with. More and more backpackers are setting off and traveling the world almost for free. How does that work? Sure, at first glance it sounds too good to be true.

But in fact there is much more to it than that. What initially sounds like a relatively naive plan is easily possible with a little know-how and a few tricks. Here we tell you how traveling without money works and how you too can soon start a new adventure with an empty wallet.

Travel as a luxury - the biggest myths

You probably know this: Most people assume that it takes a lot of money to travel the world. Many get over their budget after just two weeks in the sun and therefore start the return journey early. As a backpacker, you prove exactly the opposite here.

Traveling is not about a lot of money and luxury. Rather, it is about knowing how cheap travel works and where savings are best possible. If you can do without luxury, you can travel to many countries with your money and experience adventures around the world even on a small budget. Sure, as a backpacker you are already practiced here.

But now we're adding one more thing: Traveling without any money. More and more options are available to those who really travel without money. The so-called budget travel industry is expanding rapidly, as more and more backpackers travel the world. There is now an attractive hostel scene in most countries. In addition, there are numerous ways to travel without money. We will now present them to you.

Ways to travel without money

1. woofing

Anyone who has already gained work and travel experience as a backpacker has certainly come across the term woofing . The term stands for Working on Organic Farms and originally only came about in the farm industry. In the meantime, woofing has become very widespread and has also spread to the hostel scene.

But what is it exactly? At Woofing you work for about five hours a day and get your accommodation for free. Depending on the offer and position, the working hours are sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. On the farms, your food is often included.

There are some international websites where you can find different farms that offer this offer. In the classic work and travel countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand, you will often find Woofing offers on popular job sites.

The advantage of woofing is clear: You don't commit yourself to a whole day of work, but at the same time you have plenty of free time to explore the country or the place. In addition, working on a farm is an enrichment and you will definitely get to know other backpackers. In any case, the time will be unforgettable.

The work on the farm can vary: whether helping in the fields, with the animals or just general work like in the garden or cleaning. Diversity is often the focus here and you can experience something new every day. In the hostels, work is limited to housekeeping and cleaning.

Your job here is to prepare the rooms and keep the facility clean. Keep your eyes peeled as most hostels will need help from time to time. And if you save the night and, with a bit of luck, also get food and drink provided, then you are already in the middle of the adventure "Travelling without money".

2. work away

A possibility that probably opens all doors for you: Workaway is an international platform that gives you the opportunity to travel in every imaginable country without money. In principle, woofing also forms the basis here , because you also work for free accommodation and often also for food. The advantage of Workaway is the incredible range that could not be more diverse. You can take care of the elephants in Thailand, teach English in Vietnam, work on a farm in Australia or take care of children in Bolivia. The list is endless.

Just enter your desired country on the platform and you will find a long list of offers. Now all you have to do is specify the period and get in touch with the host. Most of the work here is also half-day, which gives you enough time to explore the area. Often hosts are also looking for workawayers for several months, which allows you to stay abroad for free. Here you can gain a lot of experience and discover life in a foreign country. It could hardly be better, because you usually live completely free of charge.

3. House caring

Another way to travel without money is house caring. Here you are the house sitter of various houses in all possible countries of the world. The owners are away or just have a second home to look out for. You can live in the house for free and only have to take care of the household and garden. You often get a little pocket money, which you can use to buy food. This is particularly suitable for longer stays and if you want to get to know a place in detail. Especially in southern Europe, this can be a great way to relax on the beaches and not spend any money on it.

Doesn't that sound like a real dream? The offers are varied and everything is included, from smaller apartments to large houses. This is also ideal for backpackers who travel as a couple and want to experience the world without money.

4. teach english

Again, a great option here is teaching English. Many backpackers earn something like this, which extends the travel time again. All you need is a certificate, which you can get after a short online course. This is like your free ticket. Then you can teach online or on site in a wide variety of countries and thus combine traveling without money with a job. Backpackers who have been backpacking for a long time swear by the method. Yes, it really works. Try it yourself!

Does it really work?

Perhaps you are now thinking, "Nice, but does this really work without any money?" A question or doubt that is completely justified. Of course, you often need a little patience until you have found a suitable offer and, for example, get a workaway . But when the time comes, it is actually possible to travel for several weeks without any expenses.

Sure, you have to come to the country and the flight will mostly be at your own expense. But you can also look for great special offers here, and once you've paid for them, you'll be easy on your wallet.

The advantage of traveling without money is clearly the experience. Many backpackers try it out to experience what working in a foreign country is like.

Working in poorer countries is an enrichment and an opportunity to learn a lot. Social contact is also a priority. You settle down in a place of your choice for a longer period of time and of course you get to know significantly more people than if you plan a quick route through the country.


So one thing is certain: Traveling without money is not a dream, it is possible. With the necessary know-how, you can keep your budget low and have almost no expenses for several weeks. So you can experience a lot with a small or empty wallet and are not restricted in the slightest. Traveling without money is clearly an adventure and an experience that you simply have to have done.

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