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Safe On Air Travel During Corona

JalanJalanMen! - "Vacation during Corona" is probably one of the most searched terms these days. Holidays will be a little different in 2022 as well. When travel is allowed again, the hygiene and safety concepts require that we keep our distance, wear a mask, have a negative test or vaccination certificate and observe a few other new rules to protect us when traveling by plane during Corona. What does that look like in practice? We answer your questions about flying during Corona and show you how the holiday dream can still become a dream holiday this year.

Safe On Air Travel During Corona

The number of travelers has increased again in recent months. Unfortunately, the incidence values ​​are also rising again at the moment, which means that Corona and travel remain a critical issue. For this reason, appropriate security measures must currently be observed when traveling by air, which means that many holidaymakers are currently doubting whether they want to accept the effort or whether it might be too stressful.    

However, if you plan something in advance, you can avoid stress. With the following tips we will help you to prepare your flight so that you can start your holiday as safely as possible. If you also bring an extra portion of composure and understanding during these unusual days, then you can experience a reasonably stress-free flight even in Corona times.  

How does Corona affect the stay at the departure airport?

The holiday begins at the airport - as do the safety precautions and hygiene standards. At many airports, you can only enter the departure hall with a ticket. In such cases, however, the area that accompanying persons may not leave is clearly marked. Information signs on site explain how you should behave. At German airports, all travelers aged six and over are required to wear a medical mask. These include surgical masks, FFP2 and FFP3 masks as well as KN95/N95 masks without an exhalation valve. This extended mask requirement applies not only in the airport building, but also on the runway and on the flights of many airlines - of course also when you enter Germany.In addition, the airports have increased the frequency of cleaning and regularly disinfect all surfaces.

Our tip for you:

If possible, check in online before your flight during Corona and, if possible, hand in suitcases and luggage at automatic drop-off counters. This shortens the time you have to spend at the airport wearing a mask before your flight. Nevertheless, plan a time buffer, as there may be longer waiting times.

Maintain the necessary distance of 1.50 m to 2 m everywhere - at check-in, at security check and at the gate as well as after landing. Floor markings and information signs will help, ask the staff present if something is unclear to you. Depending on the airline and destination, you may be asked at check-in or at the gate to provide proof of a negative corona test, full vaccination or recovery. In addition, there is usually a short survey as to whether there are any corona-related symptoms.

Note 3G's or 2G's 

Most countries are currently following the 3G rule for entry: vaccinated, recovered or tested. So if you cannot prove a valid vaccination certificate or a recovery from a Covid-19 disease, you need a negative test result of a PCR test or antigen test that is not older than 48 hours. Since in some countries there is even a debate about reducing to 2G, it is highly advisable to check the entry regulations for the intended holiday country in good time.   

Always have masks with you

For the flight you should always have a sufficient number of masks with you. Medical surgical masks are sufficient for some countries, while other countries prescribe FFP2 masks. During the entire process at the airports, masks are mandatory in any case. This begins as soon as you enter the airport, in shuttle buses and transfers and of course on the plane itself.

Disinfect hands

Regular hand washing and disinfecting is essential right now. Dispensers are available at most airports. Small sizes of disinfectant gel up to a maximum filling of 100 ml or disinfectant wipes are also great for on the go. You can then take these with you in your hand luggage.  

Check in online in advance

The practical online check-in saves time on the day of departure and also avoids unnecessary crowds at the check-in counter. With some airlines, you can check in at the airport 23 hours before departure with the evening before check-in. It is best to check with the airline you booked to see whether they offer this service.

Schedule extra time 

A flight always requires sufficient time for clearance. Due to the current travel restrictions and the associated document checks at the airport, you should plan even more time and be at the airport on time.

Organize travel to the airport

If you drive to the airport in your own car, you minimize contact with people during the journey. In addition, you are independent of rigid public transport timetables and do not have to lug your luggage around. 

Parking at the airport

At the airport you can usually choose between official and private parking providers. The private operators are often located just outside the airport area and are therefore a lot cheaper. At Zurich Airport Park For example, you can either use the free shuttle service to the terminal, which follows the appropriate Corona measures, or you can choose the convenient valet service. Here you drive directly to the terminal and hand over your car to an authorized employee, who will then drive it for you to the booked parking space and bring it back to the terminal when you return.

take out travel insurance

It is currently advisable to take out a travel insurance package when booking your trip, which includes trip cancellation, trip interruption and travel health insurance. However, when concluding the contract, make sure that pandemic diseases are also covered. Because expenses will only be reimbursed if you have been infected with Covid-19 or have to be in quarantine before the start of your trip.

Observe safety distances

It is important to maintain safety distances during the entire check-in process. This is pointed out to you everywhere at the airport. It is not always possible to keep the distance on the plane or in the shuttle bus. Here it is all the more important to wear the masks according to the regulations. 

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