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The 8 Best Travel Gadgets

JalanJalanMen! - After 6 months of traveling around the world, it became clear which travel gadgets are absolute must-haves and must be in your luggage for your next trip. Whether it's a trip around the world, a backpacking trip or your next vacation, here we'll tell you about our favorite travel gadgets!

Have fun using the gadgets on your next trip!

The 8 Best Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadget #1: Pacsafe

The Pacsafe, a kind of mobile safe, is a super ingenious travel gadget. Not every hostel, AirBnB room or hotel has a safe and you can lock your valuables. With the Pacsafe you can easily stow away your laptop, camera, passport, credit cards and other important items anywhere in the world. We find the 12L Pacsafe to be the optimal size. This offers space for our two laptops, a camera and small items such as passports or credit cards.

Travel Gadget #2: Airporter

The Airporter is a kind of protection for your backpack when flying. We think it's just awesome for the following two reasons: On the one hand, our backpacks look like new after six months of travel and several flights. On the other hand, many airlines require that backpacks be checked in as bulky luggage, which is super annoying and expensive. With the Airporter you can hand in the backpack as a normal piece of luggage. A definitely worthwhile investment for all backpackers! 

Travel Gadget No. 3: power bank

The power bank is actually one of our favorite travel gadgets! It really has saved us so many times, because unfortunately cell phone batteries don't last very long these days. Whether on long flights, train or bus journeys or in the camper on our road trip, our cell phones are very often connected to the power bank. We think that a power bank has become almost indispensable, even on small trips or vacations in the future we will always have one with us. 

Travel Gadget #4: Credit Cards

For a long time, the  Santander 1 plus VISA Card was by far the best travel credit card. However, the Santander Bank has changed the conditions, which in our opinion now makes the credit card less attractive than a travel credit card. the DKB Cash Visa Card is still a good travel credit card. We are currently researching so that we can present you with the best and most suitable travel credit card as soon as possible.

Travel Gadget #5: External Hard Drive

Vacation and travel photos are definitely the best memories. To back it up, we recommend an external hard drive. We would particularly like to recommend the one from "Leica" because it is shockproof and unbreakable. A really ingenious and important travel gadget!

Travel Gadget No. 6: Microfiber Towel

The microfiber towel is our constant companion and an absolute must-have for your next trip! It is super light, can be folded up really small and dries extremely quickly. We use it as a normal towel, but also as a beach towel, picnic blanket or sun protection. It's almost always in the backpack for some purpose.

Travel gadget no. 7: Multiple sockets

In hostels or hotels there is often only one socket in the room, so a multiple socket can really be very practical. Even as a classic vacationer, you have at least three devices with you that need to be charged. A cell phone, a camera, an iPod or e-book reader, etc. A really practical travel gadget that we definitely don't want to do without!

Travel Gadget #8: Water Bottle

The last travel gadget that we present to you is our water bottle. An absolutely brilliant part, because there are free drinking water stations in so many countries around the world. With this travel gadget you avoid a lot of plastic and always have your own drinking bottle with you. At the same time, you can of course use the drinking bottle at any time in everyday life, eg for sports or at work. We can warmly recommend the drinking bottle from the "Nalgene" brand. It is totally inexpensive, dishwasher safe and BPA-free, ie there are no plasticizers in the plastic. 

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