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Travel Experience As A Booster For Your Own Career

Travel Experience As A Booster For Your Own Career

"Aren't you wasting your time with this? Better take care of your professional future!". As a backpacker , you've probably heard that a lot . Maybe if you have told relatives or friends that you would like to spend a longer " Time on the road. Admittedly, it has now spread how conducive travel is to the development of one's own skills. However, you still have to expect to have to justify yourself."

But you are prepared for the next discussion! Because we have listed many reasons why your trips are not a waste of time at all and can even be real boosters for your career.

Travel that takes you further

It doesn't matter where you are in your life right now. It's never too late to go out into the world! Because that not only promotes your personal development, but also looks great on your resume today. We've put together a few types of ventures that may even open up career opportunities for you.

The gap year

The term gap year describes the bridging period between two phases of life. These can be, for example, between high school and university/apprenticeship or before entering professional life. Traveling is a particularly great way to shape this time. Not only does it give you more time to figure out where to go next in your life. At the same time you also do a lot for your personal development!

There are also many different options when it comes to designing your gap year. For example, you can do work and travel, au pairs and volunteer work. Or you can combine different shapes and simply try everything out! Either way, these trips are not only great for you personally. They also show employers your independence and willingness to try new things.

language trips

A perfect option for you if you want to improve your knowledge of foreign languages. You not only get to know the language better on site, but also the people and their culture. Here, too, there are many different offers that vary in the length of the stay and the intensity of the courses.

Languages ​​are always in demand for employers and the more you know, the better! In addition, a language trip in your CV shows that you would like to improve your skills on your own - that's a big plus for applications!

semester abroad

If you are in the middle of your studies and still want to gain some experience abroad, a semester abroad is a good option. This allows you to combine study and travel - without neglecting the former. Most universities also have partner institutions all over the world and will help you with the planning and all the necessary steps.

During a semester abroad, you face the challenge of studying in a foreign environment and often in a different language. You get to know new perspectives and make international contacts at the same time. All of this can help you immensely in your later job search. Here, too, you can prove your independence and initiative. In addition, studying abroad will set you apart from other applicants.

Working abroad

Yes, the desire to travel can also be combined with work, and that even particularly well! Especially within the EU it is super easy to be busy from another place. Internships in particular are great options to live in another country for a short time and earn money . Again, your university or school can often help you with their contacts. There are also many platforms on the Internet where you can find relevant jobs.

Internships are always a good addition to your CV anyway, and one abroad is twice as good! Other options are, for example, volunteer work or the supervision of summer camps for children and young people. Working abroad shows your future employer that you are organized and independent.

Just move around

However, your trips do not necessarily have to include specific activities that you can note on your CV and mention in job interviews. Because even simply exploring unknown places is beneficial for your personality in many ways.

You will come back from each of your trips and have learned a lot that you did not know before. You may have seen things and experienced adventures that will change you and positively shape your character. The experiences you have made can also strengthen your self-confidence, which is good for possible career opportunities.

Skills & Perks

Have you decided on one or more types of travel? Now you're probably wondering what skills you can use to impress future employers. Then be curious! After all, you often don't even notice many of the new strengths afterwards. That's why we've picked out a few of the best skills and traits that you'll definitely learn along the way, or that you may have already learned.

foreign languages

It doesn't matter which foreign-language country you're going to. We promise you will definitely pick up and remember some of the language there. Even if it's just simple phrases like "Good morning" or "How are you?". But of course you can also devote an entire trip to just learning or improving a foreign language.

These skills are in high demand on the job market and fluent English is now a must! You will use it a lot, especially in countries where you do not yet speak the main language. So even if you don't learn a new language, you will definitely at least improve your English considerably.

Other cultures

Of course, when you travel to foreign countries, you will also come into contact with the locals there and probably learn more about their culture. As banal as that may sound, these experiences in particular will take your personality a whole lot further! Because by getting to know other ways of life and perspectives, you develop tolerance, foresight and openness.

All qualities that employers always look for in applicants and that are particularly good when dealing with colleagues or (potential) customers. So take the opportunity to get a taste of the lives of the residents along the way and gather as many new impressions as possible. You will definitely benefit from this professionally!


Another plus for you as a globetrotter are contacts all over the world. In the professional world, good connections are now the be-all and end-all! When traveling you get to know many different people from different places, you can and should use that. Of course, this does not mean that you ask them for jobs and other favors. No, friends around the world can help you with a lot more.

 "Other countries other manners". Accordingly, people from foreign nations usually have a different perspective on things. They may know about opportunities that you have never heard of before or know about job offers and courses that you are not yet aware of. This can really be a real career booster because it helps you plan your professional future.

Plus, with contacts around the world, you always have a point of contact and familiar faces in an unfamiliar country when you want to revisit it.


What you are guaranteed to learn on every trip is flexibility. Because rarely does everything go as planned on the road. You will often have to spontaneously change your mind, replan your route or even have to abandon it altogether. You will learn how to deal with stressful situations while remaining calm.

You will notice on your trip that there is an alternative and a plan B for most things. You also get used to thinking quickly in certain situations. This ability is very welcome with all employers, because it is also extremely important in professional life.


If you've ever prepared a longer trip, you know how much work goes into it. Planning such an undertaking requires a great deal of organizational talent and patience. Not only do you have to plan everything before you leave, you also have to keep track of things when you’re on the go. This quality will then be of particular help to you in jobs in large companies. Good organization is also very important when looking for a job and for applications.


Traveling a lot makes you more open to new things and you also get to know different situations from different perspectives. You come into contact with many different cultures and have to learn to adapt to the living conditions of the people. In your professional life, too, you will always find yourself in unfamiliar situations and have to deal with people who tick differently than you.

This skill is therefore also an enrichment for you and your career. It will be easier for you to deal with new things later on, and you will not only impress your employers, but also yourself. Because adaptable behavior will save you a lot of stress later!


By now you will have noticed that traveling can be a real career booster. No matter what kind of it you choose, it will definitely enrich you! From CV skills to personal growth, your trip will educate you and teach you new things along the way.

Of course, the trips here do not mean all-inclusive vacations in isolated hotel complexes. Even if these are very relaxing and can therefore have a positive effect on your work, we are concerned with something else. Namely such ventures where you explore foreign countries and experience adventures.

The challenges are unique and give you an incredible amount. A momentum for your career is just one of many advantages that your experience will bring you!

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