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Traveling Alone As A Woman: Tips For Solo World Explorers

You feel the tingling in your fingers, this feeling of finally wanting to move out into the world? Do you have a lot of unique places on your bucket list and can't wait to finally see them "live"? But you don't have anyone to discover the world with you? You've probably already dealt intensively with what it's like to travel alone as a woman. You still lack that last bit of courage to really go through with it? Then this article is perfect for you. In this article I will give you valuable input for your solo adventure.

Traveling Alone As A Woman: Tips For Solo World Explorers

Valuable tips for women traveling alone

Through my own experience as a woman traveling alone, I can tell you: Good preparation and the right mindset are the be-all and end-all. Traveling alone as a woman is nothing to be afraid of. It is an incredibly valuable experience and you definitely grow beyond yourself. I, too, was full of concerns when I started my solo journey, but all of them turned out to be unnecessary. You start alone, but if you do it right, are open and choose the right countries, then you usually don't stay that way :).

Traveling alone as a woman: Start step by step

Don't put yourself under pressure and start your first solo trip small, for example with a city trip over the weekend. It doesn't have to be a big trip around the world or a stay abroad of several months alone. Find out step by step whether traveling alone is something for you, where you still feel insecure and what is important for you when travelling. I therefore recommend a destination within Europe to start with.

Here are a few examples of destinations in Europe for solo travelers:

  • Seville and Valencia
  • German cities
  • Porto and Lisbon
  • Valletta (Malta)

Choose a destination where you feel safe

There are travel destinations that just thinking about the country make us feel more insecure than others. Even if this is often just a feeling, as a woman you should avoid such destinations when traveling alone. Choose a place, a country, with which you feel comfortable. In general, of course, anything can happen anywhere. But something can also happen anywhere if you are not alone. Safety is a subjective perception. For example, we feel safer when we speak the local language, friends of ours have been to this place, we can use mobile data on our cell phones on the go... Find out what you need to feel safe and decide you accordingly for your travel destination.

Thorough research gives you a sense of security

Actually, I'm not a fan of too many plans when traveling, but when I'm traveling alone as a woman, my research in advance is also more intensive. If you deal intensively with your travel destination in advance, it gives you a feeling of security. You can research in advance how to get from the airport to your accommodation, where you can get a SIM card, where the nearest supermarket is, what traffic rules there are when driving and so on. This preliminary research avoids stress in the first hours after your arrival and gives you a safe feeling.

Secure your documents

As a woman traveling alone, it is even more important than usual that you have a back-up in your hand luggage in case your luggage does not arrive. Pack in such a way that you can get by without your suitcase for 2-3 days if necessary. You should also have a copy of all important travel documents in your cloud so that you can always identify yourself in an emergency.

When you get to your accommodation, lock your valuables in a safe. Almost every accommodation, even hostels, now has a safe.

Behavior tips for women traveling alone

Always keep an eye on your valuables when you are out and about. Don't wear a backpack that you can open quickly, but rather a bag that you always have in view. In addition, you should not display your valuables. Avoid eye-catching jewellery, branded clothes and don't carry your camera in your hand all the time, but put it back in your bag when you're done. These rules of conduct apply even here in Germany in larger cities. And believe it or not, how you behave really matters.

Make contacts on site

Do you feel "forced" to travel alone, but actually long for company? The choice of your accommodation, your travel destination and the activities can contribute significantly to making local contacts quickly. The easiest way to make new contacts is to stay in a hostel. The hostel common areas are buzzing with other travelers eager to meet new people. Most importantly, don't be shy, don't hide behind your cell phone and talk to other travelers. You can find tips on how to make it easier for you to connect with others in hostels here:

Socialize at the hostel

Another way to meet other travelers locally is through activities. You still have to do something for the university or for a project? Then rent a co-working space for a day. Language courses or yoga classes are also a great way to get to know other solo travelers. The fact is: If you don't want to be alone when travelling, you won't stay alone.

As a woman traveling alone, making friends along the way makes you feel good. This way you know that you are not alone in an emergency. The following tip can also be helpful for this:

Learn the local language

If you know the most important words in the local language, if you manage to approach people in the local language, that gives you a great deal of security. You know you can always ask for help if you need it, and who knows, maybe some kind of friendship will result. So-called “intercambios” are also suitable for this. You can look for locals with whom you can do a language exchange in advance of your trip. You bring your mother tongue to each other and you immediately have a contact on site.

Helpful apps for women traveling alone

1. Tourlina: Find the right travel partner for you

With the Tourlina app you can find female travel partners or locals in a safe way. Many women feel more comfortable with a female travel companion and Tourlina has responded to this need. Each registration is checked in advance by the team before it is activated.


• You enter the country and period for your next trip

• You search for travel partners who are traveling to the same country in the same period and have the same interests as you

• Choose by dragging to the right or left You are interesting travel partners from

• If the travel partner has also chosen you, you will get a “match” and can chat with her, make appointments and plan a trip.

It's actually surprising how well such a travel partnership can "match". I often had more harmonious trips with my unknown travel partner than with my girlfriends. You set out the goals and type of trip more clearly beforehand, exchange ideas and then spend a nice holiday together.

2. AirBnB: Affordable and safe accommodation for solo travelers

With the AirBnB app you will not only find "holiday apartments". Especially as a woman traveling alone you have the opportunity to find rooms in private accommodation. This allows you to live with locals, which gives you a good opportunity to get in touch with them. You can also find accommodations where you have a private room but shared common areas. It's a bit more luxurious than a hostel and still gives you the opportunity to meet other travellers.

In addition to accommodation, you will find offers from people from all over the world on AirBnb, who connect people with each other through their offers in the areas of culture, food and drink, as well as outdoor people.

3. Couchsurfing App and Hangouts

Couchsurfing offers beds in private apartments, the perfect opportunity to network with locals. If that's too "unsure" for you, I can recommend the additional function "Hangouts". Here other travelers and locals post what they are up to today and are looking for people who would like to accompany them. This often results in small groups that do something together. You also have the option to post your own activity. A great way not to have to explore your travel destination alone.

4. Maps.Me - offline maps for on the go

As a woman traveling alone, you should definitely have the Maps.Me app on your cell phone and download the current offline map of your whereabouts. With this app you can navigate to your destination even without an internet connection. You can mark your destinations on the map in advance.

5. Explore your surroundings with "Free Walking Tour".

There are free walking tours in almost every major city. These are modern city tours by young people for young people. Here you often meet other women who are also traveling alone. It therefore makes sense to do the tour relatively at the beginning of your trip. The tours are free and based on donations.

The most important tip for women traveling alone: ​​the mindset

The most important tip if you decide to embark on the adventure alone: ​​Enjoy the time alone and don't see it as a "punishment". Imagine the advantages of traveling alone. Make time for things you've always wanted to do. A journey alone is above all a journey to yourself! It will change you and give you confidence when you realize that you can rock anything on your own!

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